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Justin Birnbaum

March Madness of Baseball Movies: And the Winner Is…

Updated 4/18.

I am pleased to announce that the #2 seed, Bull Durham, has been named the winner of the March Madness of Baseball Movies by fan vote. #1 seeded Moneyball placed second.

Updated as of 4/4.

In the spirit of March Madness, it dawned on me that we should join in on the fun in our own way. As a result, it is my privilege to present the “March Madness of Baseball Movies” bracket.

We’ve selected 32 baseball movies listed on the bracket below and we want to determine the best one with your help.

Starting Wednesday (March 22, 2017), we will begin the voting on twitter.

Our own Max Rosenfeld will also be discussing the bracket on tomorrow’s episode of the Payoff Pitch Podcast.

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