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Max Rosenfeld

Ranking the Value of the Mets Trade Chips

As the season’s outlook becomes increasingly grim, it has been made clear by the New York Mets front office that they will be having a fire sale before the July 31st trade deadline. Nearly everyone on the Mets roster will become available, with the potential for a complete overhaul of the everyday roster on the table. The Mets are loaded with assets that could prove valuable for contending teams. So how do these assets rank and where might they land?

1. OF Jay Bruce

Potential Fit: Toronto Blue Jays


Though Bruce’s tenure in New York has been mired in criticism, he has actually proven to be a very good player for the Mets. Bruce’s 20 home runs are good for seventh in all of baseball and his .267/.338/.537 slash line makes for his best season since 2012. Bruce can certainly fit a need for a playoff team as a power hitting left handed bat. He’s a streaky hitter, but his talent level is too tantalizing to pass up on. Bruce is clearly the best position player the Mets are making available and could bring back a considerable haul if the front office strikes properly.

2. RHP Addison Reed

Potential Fit: Boston Red Sox


Relief pitchers are always a hot commodity at the deadline, especially ones who are as good as Reed. The right hander owns a 2.82 ERA in 38.1 innings pitched. Reed often works with less than ideal velocity which leads to high fly ball tendencies, but overcomes this deficiency with great command and pitching IQ. There’s no doubt that Reed could become an extremely sought after name come the end of July.

3. LHP Jerry Blevins

Potential Fit: Minnesota Twins


There’s an argument to be made that Blevins is actually the Mets most valuable trade asset for several reasons. First, he’s a left handed relief pitcher- this automatically makes him desirable to contending teams looking to shape up their bullpen for a pennant race. Second, Blevins has a team option in his contract for next season which gives his club an extra year of control, something not often seen in late season rentals. And third, he’s just flat out good. Blevins has a 2.77 ERA on the year in 26 innings pitched. Though he’s viewed as a left handed specialist, Blevins is more than capable of getting right handed batters out as well. He sometimes struggles with control, but all of these positives make for Blevins to be an intriguing trade asset. The Mets may not seriously entertain offers for Blevins because of the extra year of control, but the southpaw could potentially bring back the greatest coup of any of their assets.

4. Lucas Duda

Potential Fit: New York Yankees


When thinking of a possible Duda trade, it’s easy to find a fantastic fit in the Mets crosstown rival, the Yankees. The Bronx Bombers have gotten minimal production out of first base and Duda is putting together another respectable season. Duda is slashing .253/.364/.554, the best of his career. He also has 13 home runs and a plus glove. Duda appears set to leave the Mets in free agency this offseason, making it appealing for the team to get something back for him before that happens. The Mets are set with Top 100 prospect Dom Smith set to take over the position in 2018, but should still consider getting the most they possibly can for Duda.

5. Curtis Granderson

Potential Fit: Seattle Mariners


Granderson has certainly had his fair share of struggles this season, but has begun to turn it on as of late. His .234/.326/.464 slash line does not speak to the benefits he can bring a club in terms of veteran leadership. He is no longer well suited to play center field but can play either corner spot comfortably and brings plenty of pop with his bat. I expect a team like the Mariners to pick up Granderson with the hope that he can be a guiding force come playoff time, just like he was for the 2015 Mets team that went on to win the National League pennant. Granderson is a beloved figure in New York making it tough to say goodbye, however with the position the Mets are in it would make the most sense to assess their options with the outfielder.

6. Asdrubal Cabrera

Potential Fit: Colorado Rockies


Like Blevins, Cabrera has a team option for 2018 in his contract. But unlike Blevins, the market for Cabrera is much more thin. The switch hitting infielder is a defensive liability, which is why the Mets moved Cabrera off of shortstop to second base recently. Cabrera did not handle the move graciously, but has hit roughly .500 since the position switch. His lack of defensive talent certainly hinders his trade value, but Cabrera could certainly help some teams as a versatile bat off the bench.

Dishonorable Mention: Matt Harvey

Potential Fit: Would anyone actually trade for this guy right now?


There’s not enough time in the day.

Max is a student at Saint Joseph's University where he is a Communication Studies major. He is a contributing writer for Baseknock MLB and the host of the Payoff Pitch Podcast, which airs every Tuesday morning.

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