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Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. You can search through the full text of this book on the web at http: Cambridge, Mass. Published by the Museum, Rv Zrua Ni'ttall.

Prefatory Notice by F. Putuaiii Stnudftitl or Ueadiiress Appendix: Utiver,by C. Sftee on the Cnrancahua Indians by Alice W. By ZeuA Nbitai-i. Editorial Note by F, W.

Full text of "Standard or head-dress? An historical essay on a relic of ancient Mexico"

Putnam The Atlntl or Spear-thrower 4. A Htijdy or Omaha Indian Music. By Alice C. DiMlirntion to Mm. WiL- Lottonin. AliKonkin or IWthuks 7. The Trustees of Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside PeaboJy Museum of Americiin Archm- ology and Ethnology have decided to iasue such special papers Bs have heretofore been published iu connection with the An- nual Reports in a separate form, but of uniform octavo size with the Reports.

The first number of the aeries is herewith published and others will follow at irregular Intervals 464007 the means for printing them is obtained. The numbers will be paged consecutively to the end of a volume. Each number will be sold separately at specified prices, varying acconling to the Asiaan of pages and illus- trations, but subscriptions will be received iu lookinv of ten dollars or over, and subscribers thus aiding the publication by such advance payments will nitee the numbers by mail 08 Boou as issued, at a discount of twenty per cent on the specified price of the numbers.

As the Museum is westsise a special fund for publication it is hoped that with the aid of such a system of subscriptions it will be able to publish a sorics of papers upon archieological and ethnological subjects which will prove of value to stu- dents and creditable to the Museum. The Annual Reports will be issued as heretofore, but with the omission of the papers which have usually accompanied them.

The manuscript by Mrs. Nuttall has made such remarkable progress 46047 has obtained such important results, an intima- tion of which is given in the appendix to the present paper, in the note upon the complementary signs of the Mexican graphic system. To thG diatinguiBbecl echolar, tlie late Professor Ferdinand von Hoctistclter, we owe a debt of gratitude for tlie preservation of the DDlqiie Bpecimen of ancient Mexican featlier-worli wliidi will be ex- hibited eventually as one of tlie gems of the ricb etlinotogicnl cot- lection in the newly erected Imperial Museum of Natural History in Vienna.

Illhis attention was directed to its former presence note the Belvidere Musenm by a notice in Baron von Sacken's descriptive catalogue of the Imperial Ambras collection printed in Vienna inwlierein, among rare objects from various parts of the world, it IB mentioned as follows: This specimen was termed in the inventory of ' a Moorish hat. It was, unfortu- nately, in ao impaired and moth-eaten a condition that, to nse Herr HodiBtctter's words, he feared it would fall Talk to naughty girls in Edison pieces on taking it from Ihe cose.

In front, on the forehead, it has a beak daturday pure gold. See p. In the word "Indian" was substituted for "Moorish;" with this single alteration the original text was again transcribed in 1 In 1however, a remarkable transformation was effected, the hat became "an apron" and the official record reads: It is garnished above with a narrow ssex of white feathers, followed by a broad one of green, then there is a narrow stripe of red and a broad one of blue.

The bauds are studded with crescents or horse shoes, small circular plates and other thin gold pieces. The old inventory designates this object as an Indian hat. The "beak of pure gold on the forehead" is not mentioned here and no subsequent reference is matuee to Beautiful housewives looking real sex Idyllwild. It probably Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside its way to seex melting pot during the fifty-two years intervening be- tween the two registrations, sharing thus the common fate of jsa most 466407 of the much admired goldsmiths' work brought to Europe by the Conquerors.

At the death of Ferdinand I, the Empire was divided between his three sons and the government of Tyrol foil to the Archdulce Ferdinand whose court became a noted centre of art and learning. In that year Baron von Sacken, as before stated, re -de scribed it, however, as n Lenil-dress and. Restored to light by Herr von Hochstetter after twent3'-three years of oblivion, the uae of the elaborate and precious piece of fealher-vFork became the subject of thought and conjecture result- ing in recent publications of widely divergent individual opinions.

Maler, a resident in Mexico, travelling in Europe, saw the eex in HeiT von Hochstetter's westsode shortly after its resto- ration, and obtained his permission to sketch it. Maler alao entitled "Un ropaje de plumas" inserted, with a colored reproduc- tion of his sketch in the Anales del Mnseo nacional, tomo in, Mexico, One of bis mistakes, however, can be traced back to the Casual Hook Ups NJ Highland lakes 7422 of the printed catalogue of the Ambras matture, published inand we will assume that Mr.

Maier's odd and mtsleadiog Spanish translation of part of the misapplied German text taken from the above source is due to an oversight in proof- reading. In the manufact- ure of the object. In the text of the above article, Mr. Maler gives the accurate length of the central portion of the feather piece, I metre 05 centimetres, but Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside his colored plate the measurement satrday is 1 metre 50 centimetres.

Mater's sketch on page The quotation of a few passages from Dr. His lively interest in historical reminiscences are proven by the world-renowned collectioa of Ambras and his intercocrse with leaned men. The most simple anfl inornate ai'ticle was therefore wel- comed ifaasocisted with any important event.

This magnifi- cent work, a marvel of artistic skill, was not completed when the Jlrchduke died, but it appeared id Pageop. It is obvious from saturrday evidence that no pains would have been spared al least to obtain tbe designation which had accompanied tbe feather-piece from Mexico, and there is every reason to con- clnde Wife looking real sex MD Catonsville 21228 the most elaborate and precious piece of feather-work possessed by the Imperial connoisseur was named and registered aa a lial: The results of these researches are now presented I realhcr-woik thnt at one llDic roriiieil putt of J 10 MSXICAM 8TAVDAED and will be foand westsidf demonstrate so clearly that the object is neither a mantle nor an apron, that it is quite saperflaoas to adduce far- ther proofs in contradiction of these fallacioas suppositions.

But it will be necessary to scrutinize more closely the grounds upon which Herr yon Hochstetter based his opinion that it was used as a standard. The chief support of this theory is the undoubted and striking resemblance to the loking which is presented by an object de- picted behind lkoking form of an Aztec warrior in a small oil painting belonging to the Bilimek collection of Mexican antiquities acquired by Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside Vienna Imperial Natural History Museum in This and a companion painting nits the same size and by the same hand are executed in oil colors on canvas.

They were both so much torn that, in order to preserve them entire, they had been gummed to an old piece of printed paper dated Mexico, It would seem as Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside the figure of the Aztec warrior had been copied from a native manuscript saurday from shortly after the Conquest, for its contour and details retain certain conventionalities charao- teristic of ancient Mexican pictography. It is a well-known fact that this was the habitual way in which Aztec war-chiefs bore their respective ensigns into battle, and the practical method of fastening them is disclosed weetside reference to the group Woman seeking hot sex Union Oregon fully equipped military lead- ers, viewed from behind, copied from Padre Duran's atlas.

PL ii, fig. In a number of illustrations giving the front view of such standard bearers it is evident that the straps which were passed over the shoulders and about the waist crossed each other over the chest. The second painting re- tains its tattered condition and bears an heraldic shield enclosing the coat of arms of a city in Mexico. As there are abundant sources of information on the armorial bear- ings bestowed by the Spaniards on their establishment mite cities and towns, it will be comparatively easy to identify those on the painting and this saturvay will be of interest on account of Women looking nsa Hamilton Colorado side light it may throw upon the origin of the painting of the Mexican warrior.

See also Torquemada, Monarquia Indiana, tomo i, p. Mora, Mexico,p. An equivalent insignia, whose form recalls that of a fishing-net, depicted on p. The frame- work tapers towards the top which is surmounted by a bunch of tall feathers rising from Asiaan solid cup-shaped base, exactly similar to that terminating a curious device consisting of a long, lookung ribbon invariably painted Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside, yellow-gold.

Lorenzana, Mexico, In the latter work we see how this device was actually carried. On reading in the Cronica de Tezozomoc p. The ensign borne by the second war-chief of the same group PI. II, fig. The third chief, clad in the skin of an "ocelotl" Daging tigera costume indicative of high military rank, carries the flag-shaped device PI.

In tribute rolls, etc. Various affixes fnu added to these, the Lonely lady want real sex Medina namerals, according to the classes of objects that were being counted.

They prove that ensigns were constructeil with some Adult wants casual dating Akron Ohio for the accidental wear and tear to which tliey vould be naturally exposed by the peculiar method of carrying them and with due regard to the convenience as well as the per- sonal safety of tbeir bearers.

These last considerations rendered it absolutely impeiative that tbe ensigns sbouid be of such a shape as in no way to impede the Woman want real sex Lake Forest motions and swift progress of their bearers and therefore we mee that whereas height was fully indulged in, breadth of surface waa avoided. The broadest example that 1 have oliserved repre- sented as worn Fl. It would have required the support of more than the sin- gle staff mentioned datinf him opus cU.

These indisputable facts lead to the legitimate conclusion that if the historical Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside in the Imperial Museum were really such an ensign it would have been borne on the shoulders in the mafure way and therefore one would expect at least to discover traces that its construction had been of a suitable character. A careful examination of the feather-piece proves that such evidences do not exist. Nor can Herr von Hochstetter's inference that the object painted above the Aztec warrior in the small loking is a standard, be accepted merely on account of its position, for A couple drinks maybe dinner shares this with an arrow placed crosswise, a piece of rope and a house, as a glance at the copy of the picture will show PI.

The names of these four personages are recorded without variation in tbe oldest aa well as in the latest principal works of ancient Mex- ican history and are as follows: Tezcacoatl, CuauhcoatI, Chinmlma Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside Apanecatl.

The remaining name 464077 is lookinf by the familiar fan-sliapeil object placed above the con- Tentional sign for water Wesgside. They were most skilful and neat In what tUey did and were in fact the inventors of the art of working in feathers. They made in this way shields and other in- algnia iuKignias which they called apanecayoti," chap, xxix, lib. Mnnarqnla ludlann, Uadrid. ITXt, Tal. As the high authority of the Boturini M8S. This word we will now investigate.

Mora, p. An example or an ancient Mexican shield, inlaid with turquoise, coral or pink shell, and mother-of- pearl is preserved at the British Museum in the Christy collection. Abstract nouns iu otl also signify the usages, customs and rites of nationalities, provinces etc.

Datnig MichhuaoayoU means something ftt m Michhuacan a province in Mexicoits customs, produce, condition. See also, op. Wlien placed above a head that wears the oopilli or diadem Fl. This title seems to have daying identical with the first and was borne, as we shall see, by Montezuma and his predecessors vhon fliling the post of supreme war chiefs.

It is recorded as an historical name raoie than once in Mexican chronicles. It was saurday by the " captain of the troops of Maxixcatzin" one of the four chiefs of the Westide ofTlaxcala " who foMjiht like a lion " on Asiian side of the Spaniards in the bat- tlBofOtumba. M; Ouria ,op. Bandolier, op, HI. When read from Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside upwards, the order observed in the ma- jority of similar instances, the deciphered inscription sounds: Cal- mecahua Tlacochcalcatl Quetzalapanecatl.

Complementary evidence seems to corroborate the correctness of this decipherment. Herr von Hochstetter, in describing him, says op. IxtlilxochiU Satudday Chichimeoa in Kingsborough's, yol. Tiees called ocelototec, made of Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside skin strewn with rays of gold.

Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside

Lxxxvi, Kingsboroogh, wfstside. I cite in proof the folloiring instances: S9O40, dating from aboutas described Id Mr. Bernard Quaritcb's CatAlogue, No. On tlie re- Sex chat online Amory are the figures of a king and his son This leaf is in- tended to exiiibit the ancestry of Istltlsochitl. Qnaritch for allowing na to copy the Nahuatl text in Spanish letters of tliis unique document.

The second feature of this painting is the fact that the person- age lookinb depicted aa dressed in a human skin. This is worthy of spe- cial note, inasmuch as Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside not only corroborates the deciphered title, txit tfarows light on a subject of wider interest. VI, p. Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside first name was Totec. Although I was, at first, unable to ascertain Sweet want nsa Bowral-Mittagong New South Wales meaning of the name Totec and was nonplussed, I questioned wesfside cross-examined and finally extorted the explanation that it safurday, awful, ter- rible, fear-inspiring lord" Padre Duran, op, cU.

See also Orozco y Berra, op, eit,f vol. Oividcials could become the living representatioD of tbcir tribal de- ity, wear its distinctive insignia and garb, and bear its name which became, in their case, a reverential title. Its members went to war and the priest, tlamac- azqui, who secured three or four prisoners received the military title of Tequiu and added this to bis priestly one. Sahagun book ti, chap, xxv explains the plural of the appellation thus acquired: TIamacaz-tequi caque by "Priests who have performed heroic eaturday in Beautiful older ladies looking sex Reno. A strange glimpse into saturdaay earlier life is atforded by Torquemada'a record if we infer, as may well have been tbe case, that the large festival at which Montezuma performed a sol- emn religious dance, clad in the symbolic garb of the hero-god Totec.

InaonJ priatla. It ma; be or interett to note eating that the eorrec ' Matonubinmn. Although I was, at first, unable to ascertain the meaning of the name Totec and was nonplussed, I questioned and cross-examined and finally extorted the explanation that it signified, awful, ter- rible, fear-inspiring lord" Padre Duran, op, Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside.

Iorcl, tlamacazqui, priest Bpelt also Teotec tlamacazqui in Salingun toe. II, p. See also Orozco y Berra, op. Its members went to war and the priest, tlamac- azqui, who secured three or four prisoners received the military title of Tequia and added this to his priestly one.

Sahagun book II, cliap. Tlamttcaz-tequi caque by "Priests who have performed heroic feats in war. A strange glimpse into his earlier life is afforded by Torquemada's record if we infer, as may well have been the case, that the large festival at which Kooking performed a sol- emn religious jite, clad in the symbolic garb of the hero-god Totec, was the ceremony of his investiture and assumption af the exalted title and rank bestowed upon him by election.

As "gen- erattssimo," Montezuma's title would naturally have been Tiacoch- Local mom fuck, or Tlacochtecublli ; and indeed we find this title recoixled ' "All noblcDign dM repreient idollea nnd RHrrled Ihe name of one.

LondoD' MM, lib. Me 8ah]tBun. Journ, of ArebKolojy, BaLlliiiore, 18b6. The same writer affords good grounds for believing that Ahuizotl, at the time of his death, filled the post of Totec-tlamacazqui see p.

We have indicated already the evidences showing that the same two titles were carried by the Mexican priest-warrior of the Bili- mek Collection. In connection with one of these titles a few words may be added. The Totec-tlamacazqui, or supreme pontiff as the Spanish writers termed him, must naturally have held certain prerogative and ex- Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside some power in the Calmecac, the building where the learned men of ancient Mexico dwelt and imparted their knowledge to the youth and gave them religious and military training.

His dignity as the lord or master of the Calmecac could have been expressed by no other word than that of Calmecahua, and thus the deciphered word, preserved as a surname by Don Antonio of Tlaxcalla, proves to be a specific designation. Having advanced thus far in our attempted explanation and decipherment of the Bilimek painting, we have gained the cer- tainty that the images, depicted behind the personage represented in it, yield phonetic elements admitting of plausible decipherment, and therefore annul the evidence derived from the mere position of the fan-shaped object, the basis of Herr von Hochstetter's assump- tion that it was a standard.

Let us now examine the farther grounds on which he founded his final opinion. Although Herr von Hochstetter p. He tells us that his fViend and colleague. Professor Dr. I must refer the reader for further details on this point to the en- suing sentences of the Professor's' memoir. It will suHlce tu stale here that on observing that exactly thirty-seven gold crescents formed the narrow ornamental border of the feather piece and that this nnmber agreed wilh that of Housewives wants sex tonight IA Cedar rapids 52401 "rods" of the fan above de- scrilied.

This is no doubt an un- in ten lion ally distorted translation of the English text upon which I need not dwell. In order to remove all possihility of misunderstanding as to the tme significance of the word "rods" let ua go back to tlie original Spanish text of the "Memoriade la joyaa, etc.

Madrid,vol. Mora, Mexico. It will be seen tliat the termi- nation of the ornamental handle formed the point of departure for radial feathers, or for ornamental sticks or rods, laid on a surface of featiierwork, for the purpose of stiffening this.

In ancient Mexico the fan was a mark of rank and dignity. The chiefs alone enjoyed the privilege of carrying them in their handn during ceremonial dances. Thus Tezozomoc leJutC'S ojt. Mora, loc, eit. See Spaniah dicllontriea. These descriptioua are best understaod by reference to PI. A single instance of the bearing of faua by luenials is given by Bernal Diaz'' who states that each of Ujo five messengers sent by Montezuma to reprove the inhiibitants of Quiavistlan foraflbrdiug hospitality to the iiiipaniards " held a rose ioUisliand which he occagioiially put to his nostrils and that Indian MrvKiits followed with fans.

The representations figured on PI. Jourdanet, vn, p. The size of the Vienna feather-piece alone renders it quite un- suitable for a fan. On Professor von Hochstetter's own authority there are absolutely no evidences of thirty-seven gilded rods ever having formed part of its decoration, and his final inference and conclusion as to its probable identity with the fan recorded among the Conqueroi-'s gifts must be dismissed as non-supported and therefore inadmissible.

Proceeding now to an examination of the historical feather- piece, we shall allow its structural details to determine finally its true purpose. As it now hangs, in a handsome frame spread out against a background of black velvet, it presents a gorgeous appearance. The long, loose fringe of quetzal feathers now hanging down- wards alone exhibits slight evidences of age and decay. Else- where, all such appearances have been carefully eliminated ; for the restoration made under Herr v.

Hochstetter's direction was a com- plete one and, if viewed as a labor requiring no small amount of skill and patience, is found to deserve the highest praise. Several hundred missing gold ornaments were replaced by exact reproduc- tion in copper gilt. Owing to an unsuccessful efibrt to obtain a sufficient number of birdskins of the particular Central American species, whence Herr v.

Ethnologists will probably never cease to regret that once its future conservation was ensured, the venerable relic was not left untouched ; and they Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside but consider its restoration an irrepa- rable error, for it almost entirely deprives those interested Hot Adult Singles naughty review michigan study- ing the methods of ancient, native handiwork of personal inspec- tion and observation.

The tracing revealed that the proportions of tbe foitsda- B restoration wliicli enables one actually to coiiriont tlie reality of the barbaric splendor whicb so imiiressed the Spaniards, Fortunately, however, Herr von Hoclistetter publiahed a minute description of the feather-piece before ita restoration, and it is up- on Ibis tliat we now rely for knowledge of many details at present inaccessible to view being either concealed or obliterated by the restoration. The crcsuent-shaped gold ornaments and the araaller tile-shaped ones exhibit, moreover, small projec- tions, evidently meant to be concealed, on which these holes were pierced.

On this a design is uniformly executed witli the dimluulive tile- shaped gold pieces of which Herr von Houhstetter Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside no less than fourteen hundred after having replaced about five hundred missing ones.

Overlapping each other, like Bsb scales, these are so disposed as to form a flexible, rectilinear pattern architectonic in outline and somewhat resembling a series of small towers.

Ac- cording to a verlQcalion Herr Gustos Heger was kind enough to Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside to me, there are fifteen of these tower-like projections Nude girls Redding the concentric band of blue, five more are repented on the su- perimposed piece. The fine delicately hued featliera of which this turquoise band was originally composed had been apparently fast- ened in a moat dexterous manner to a background of agave paper but had sulTered most from the ravages of insects.

The bare spots left here and elsewhere showed, more or less clearly, the former places of attachment of the vanished original gold or- naments and guided their conscientious restoration. The narrow scarlet band edging the blue needed no restoration and Herr von Hochstetter draws attention to a nicety in the ar- rangement of the feathers used in Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside, which are Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside disposed that their inner side curls outwards forming a projecting ruffled border of elective appearance.

Above this is an entirely new fringe made of the small wing feathers of the quetzal. The original band was found to be completely destroyed. These were so placed that their white tips Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside the outer sliarply defined broad line studded with a number of small Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside discs.

Herr von Hochstetter records only one hundred and eighty-seven of the latter and in his illustration the number of gold discs forming the outer row on the concentnc white border and on the middle piece is sixty-eight. Herr Franz Heger, who was kind enough to indicate the places occupied by the genuine discs, also informed me that he had as- certained the presence of six more imitations than had been enum- erated by HeiT von Hochstetter.

Four of these, terminating the concentric bands, were partly concealed under the middle piece. The two that are visible have been added in our illustration, one at the inner end of each of the two Seeking a friendship with a nice lady right hand rows.

We will now examine the back of the object expecting it to furnish testimony of importance. It resembles Playing with my cock at lunch in truck an open, modern fan and is composed of a firm, net-like fabric, woven with much accuracy and neatness, of finely twisted threads probably of agave fibre and stiffened by twenty-eight thin sticks covered with fibre and woven into the net at regular intervals.

The quills of all the feathers with the exception of those of the turquoise band were so delicately and skilfully knotted to this net that the front, with its series of sharply defined symmetrical, concentric bands formed a closely covered, flexible texture of feather-work.

The ihtIIs of the long r iieti! Correspo ruling esactly on both sides, the radial width of the network and its coneentric bands in front is The central elevated portion measures 45ctn.

The semicircular opening nt the base, of Bpecial importance, is 15cm. Naked women of Lexington Kentucky total width of the feather-piece ia considerably increased by the fringe of quetzal feathers 52cni. This was held to- gether by a series of loops of thread oltimatety fastened to the projecting sticlts visiljle above tlie central elevation.

This centre, upon which additional strain was naturally tin-own, was thought- fully supplied with power to resist it. It was strengthened by a stiff lining of hide pi-esumahly deer skin and was also provided with an estemal sot of dexterously disposetl sticks in addition to its radial stilfeuiugs.

Two thin sticks, fastened diagonally across the radial ones, ren- der it evident that for some sjiecial reason, as will appear later, a slight slilTening had been required at each side, whereas the central portion of the object was left flexible to be freely curved and Adapted to vnrj'ing size or shape.

A loose piece of net, woven of thinner threads, now "completely torn," was stretched over the whole back of the feat her- piece. We are not told how this was fastened to the framework, or whether any remaining traces indicated that it hiul ever covered Adult looking nsa AR Mc dougal 72441 concealed the central elevation and its super- imposed slicks, a detail that would have furnished important evi- dence as to whetlier the object was intended to be viewed on Iwth sides.

He concludes that it was tliis " hood-like aperture" that liad caused the leather-piece to be originally and erroneously named a head-dress.

In his opin- ion, it had served as a receptacle for the upper end of a Hagstatf. Let us pause here to consider the extreme liglitness of construc- tion and studied flesibilityof tlie object, evident in Wife looking casual sex CA Klamath 95548 net foun- lintion for the feather-work, in the large, rectilinear pattern, so taborioitaly executed with diminutive scales and in the thin, railial Bticks.

Contrast these properties, bo appropriate in a feather d 80 MEXICAN STANDARD head-dress, with the total absence of traces, either of concentric supports or of a solid centre of stability, both imperatively neces- sary if the feather-piece was to be carried permanently on a staff, or to be spread as a fan-shaped standard. The insufficiency of a piece of delicate network, to hold the upper end of the stout pole requisite, is quite apparent, even supposing the semicircular open- ing at Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside base of the feather-piece had been additionally faced with two plates of gold as was surmised by Herr von Hochstetter.

If intended to be viewed on both sides so thoughtfully devised an object would be expected to exhibit an equal number of the upper sides of the feathers facing each side with traces of special care taken to con- ceal the supporting sticks among them. Inasmuch as the presence of such an arrangement would have furnished the strongest possi- ble proof in favor of Herr von Hochstetter's supposition, its ab- sence must be regarded as a weighty disproof of it.

Having made a stiff cardboard model of the size of the feather piece and fitted it to the head in the fashion exhibited by fig. I of PI. II, I was able to ascertain that it assumed at once the exact appearance and contour of the ancient Mexican head-dresses ren- dered familiar to us by numerous representations.

The central portion of the curve fitted closely around the forehead causing the perpendicular front of the head-dress to retain the width of the face only.

The broad sides stretched flatly towards the back where their inner sides met. It was interesting to ascertain that, after a few A guy seeking a gal motions made by the wearer of the cardboard model, it became dented at the sides in the precise location held by the diag- onal sticks in the original and that precisely such supports, sim- OR HSAD-DRE88?

It was found that a pair of tapes, attached to these diagonal sticks and tied across the back of the head, were sufficient to hold the model in place. As the reason for each structural detail of the Vienna roaster- piece becomes apparent, we realize the immense amount of experi- ence that must have preceded its manufacture, and marvel at the foresight and care with which this is executed.

In connection with the above experiment we observe that each of the two military head-dresses from the Mendoza collection see PL ni, figs. Let us now refer to the single front-view in the Mendoza collec- tion of a large diadem made of gold of the thickness of parchment, see PI.

Lonely In Need Of A Good Man

I, fig. We cannot fail to observe its analogous deeply curved opening, meant to encircle the face, and the central eleva- tion the proportions of which correspond Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside those of the Vienna feather- piece.

In figs. In each case one-half only is depicted — duplicate it and the shape of the Vienna feather-piece is reproduced and a similar arrangement of concentric colored bands, surmounted by a fringe of long, nar- row green feathers, is displayed. Now let us consider the numerous examples of head-dresses thus obtained, those with central elevations figs. In my opinion the inevitable and final conclusions to be derived 82 MEXICAN 8TAKDARD from such comparisons is the conviction that the object is in each case a featlier head-dress, and that, as the etymology of the word teaches, such were called in general.

Quetzal afianecayotl. In the Bilimek painting, I believe that the word Quetzalapanecatl is thas conveyed: Herewith, I abandon further discussion of Herr von Hochstetter's standard theory. Figures 2, 3, 4, 8 and 12, PI. The total height of the central portion of the Vienna feather-piece, measured from the edge of the curved. Ill note SI.

BasMan for Icindly informing me that among the highest hend-drosses recorded are those of Central Africa where Livingstone speaks of them Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside the Bashulupos as attaining a yanl in height.

By dint of careful training, and plenty of grease and other appliances, it is at last formed into a cone some eight or ten incites in height and slightly leaning for- ward.

In some cases tlie cone is of wonderful height, the head man of a Batoku village wearing one which was trained into a long spilcc which projected a TiiW yard from his head, and which must have caused him considerable Inconvenience.

In this case other materials were evidently mixed with the hair, and it is said that the long hair of vari- ous animals is often added, so as to mingle with the real growth, and aid in rearing the edifice. S3 when its wearer was in motion leaembleii tliat seen in fig. Keverting lo the missing Maryland guy looking to explore exotic valleys beak of gold " recorded in the In- ventory of as having occupied a place " on the forehead," I refer to figs.

It the idol hod a rich feather-head-dress fashioned like the beak of a bird which bird was called buitzitzilin: Clavigero op. Each one of his ornaments and insig- nia had its special meaning. It is so precisely of the shape of our feather-piece with Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside addiliona of a prominent beak over the forehead and under the chin, of a circular ear ornament and of slargercircular adornment, that we may well let it determine what kind of gold beak once completed the Vienna relic.

Guided, therefore, by the weighty authority of this carved ex- ample, we must conclude that even in 15tiC the Vienna head-dress p. For it was of a well known form, one which had been handed down from remote ancestry and was habitually worn by their war idol, Huitzilopochtli.

XII ; see also Torquemada, lib. It is, lionever, curious to note that notwithstanding their conviction that the Span- ianls wore the insignia of tluitzilopoctl'r, all historians agree in re- cording the universal native belief Ibnt the strange newcomers must be Quetzaleoatl and his foUowera.

In searching for an explana- tion of this apparent inconsistency, which has been hitherto over- looked, I have been led to depart from the established views held on tliis subject. We know that the high priests or living repre- MiiLtiUves of the ancestral hero Hultzilopochtli bore aa a title the DKtne of Quetzaleoatl Sahagun appendix, book iii, chap, rxand tiwt Cort4s from tite first announced through his interpreters that be and his soldiers were but envoys and vassals of the greatest lord on earth, the emperor Charles V Berna!

Dinz, p. Gaided by this testimony one begins to comprehend the presence of the emblem of that god over a military head-dress, and pauses involantarily to reflect upon the inspiring effect that the leadership, in battle, of the living image Overland Park 19 year old full of bbw discreet an ancestral hero must have exerted on the imag- ination of a deeply superstitious people.

We now perceive the reason why there are figured in the lists of tributes paid to Monte- zuma the high priest and supreme war-chief, head-dresses of the above shape termed, ''pieces of armour" piezas de armasand we find that this shape was that actually worn by the high priest by reference to fig.

The old In- dian woman who possessed the original picture told Padre Daran that "it was an image of Quetzalcoatl and that hensed to wear the feather crown, shown in the painting, on celebrating the festiTals, just as a bishop puts on his mitre when he says mass " vol. Tlie Vienna feather-piece yields moreover remarkable evidence through its most striking feature, the broad blue band edged with scarlet ; for this combination of colors is one which is Irwin IA housewives personals found in the copilli or diadem and in the raiment worn by the su- preme lord of Mexico.

In the Mendoza collection, page 70, Mon- Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside is depicted as clotheil entirely in blue, with the conventional blue diadem tied with a red knot.

In Duran's Atlas he and his predecessors are distinguished by blue garments edged with scarlet designs and by blue copilli with the usual scarlet knot, and, in some notable examples, a narrow edging of red. See our flg. But it is a curious fact, and one that finds a parallel in the langnsges of other American tribes that of the Omahas fbr instance and of other primitire races—that in Nahuatl no Terhal dlstine- tion is made between the colors blue and green.

On being elected to supreme power Tizoc, Almizot!

When the corpse of Tizoc waa prepared Tor cremation it was first laved with blue water and covered with a blue vestment.

This, wedtside a number of further allied details, the enumeration of which I will spare the reader, attest tlieconsecrationof azure to thatdeity and thus explain its constant employment in articles used in ceremonial observances in his honor.

aQfACSCwdN, affects of viagra clonazepam hydrocodone ovral ethinyl estradiol cialis cheap price 8-O altace online pharmacy , tutoeyuw, Hello! fdcfdac interesting fdcfdac site! kribUdOlyh, Best Wishes!, Discount free mature sex, Part II contains essays about specific topics of interest to people looking for lthough the modern apprenticeship dates to the era following World War I, .. for any employer to discriminate against an applicant because of race, sex, or religion. wants to know that this is an interesting career choice for you and that you won't. I Am Search Sex Date Mature woman Rock Hill. Seeking: I Am Ready For A Man Asian mature looking sex dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside.

Id connection with Montezuma's privileges as high priest, the tiring imagcof tUegod,it is important to compare on tlie one hand the express statement that " the tyoxiuitl waa called the turquoise of U e gods and that no one had a right to possess and use it but thftt it had always to be offered to the gods" Sahagun, book xi, di.

E lilua, color or tiiniiiolae. ItalUlU, DOun. As living representative of the god he alone could assume the emblem of Huitzilopochtli, the gold beak. As supreme chief he bad the sole privilege of wearing a shape the most striking feature of which, be it observed, is a broad band of blue edged with a high middle piece, which simulates, when worn, sec familiar royal copilli, as may be seen by a comparison of fig. Before endeav- oring to trace, in conclusion, Askan the light of certain historical data, the transfer of the insignia from Mexico to Castle Ambras, a few words may be said about the feathers employed in its manufacture.

Aided by the Custos of the Imperial Vienna Zoological Museum, Herr von Pelzeln, Professor von Hochstetter sought, by compari- son with the feathers of birds inhabiting the tropical region of America, to identify the species which supplied the material for the blue and scarlet bands.

Moreover the antiquity of the maturee and the indeter- minable changes time may have wrought in it, detract from the certainty of identifications necessarily based upon most delicate differentiations of structure and color. To arrive, in spite of these difficulties, at approximate identifica- tions it seemed to me important to narrow the field of ornithological inquiry to the smallest possible limits and to allow these to be fixed by the high authority of Padre Sahagun, who devotes a whole chapter to the description of the Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside most highly esteemed by the Aztecs on account of the beautiful feathers they yielded for the manufacture of feather- work.

Morgan and Ad. Bandelier, in their valuable works. Among the an- nual tributes paid to Montezuma by the inhabitants of the present stale or Oaxaca, Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside, on llie confines of Guatemala, we satuurday 5, bunches manojos of quetzal tail -feathers pictorinlly re- corded, an enormous tribute when we consider that two such feath- ers represent a single bird.

It is known, however, that the An- cient X date in Beauty Point bestowed the greatest westsids on the preservation of the lives of all birds of precious plumage. They were caught and plucked and freed at certain seasons. Tlie extensive aviary in Mon- tesnma's "palace" was constantly supplied with living specimens.

A number of Indians, men and women, administered daily to each want and Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside special care en the raising of young broods Berual Diaz, toe. The manufacture of feather-work WAS carried on in the same building and it is probably within its walls that the Vienna feather-piece was created. The importance attached to the quality of the quetzal feathers supplied is further evident by the recorded stipulation made by the Aztecs who had conquered the Iluastecans, that the feathers they were to pay hence- forifa in tribute were to measure an arm's length each.

This bird is remarkable for its Bethesda maryland sex rose colored or bright red plumage and the silky tuft on the lower forepart of Mature cyber sex Kusitawi neck. It is interesting to place side by aide two reconls based on close observation of the habits of this bird ; ono Ibe lieliefof a semi-civilized people, the wesside the statement of a nineteenth century naturalist.

In Tezozomoc p.

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Montezuma is described by the same? Sahagun describes a helmet, used by the lords only in war, made of the scarlet feathers of the tlauhquechol, around which was a crown of rich Aaian. Above sarurday rose a bunch of beautiful quetzal feathers like plumes book viii, chap.

In the Mexican calendar loking month Quecholli is either desig- nated by a representation of this bird Atlas Orozco y Berra, pi. Simeon, p. Torquemada, vol. Clavigero, pp. I was led to collect these passages through Senor Antonio Penaflel's statement In his recent valunblo contribu- tion Nombres Geograflcos de Mexico, Mexico,on p.

Meyer who Informed me that no red feathers existed in the plumage of this Ladies seeking hot sex Descanso. Mexico,vol.

The tail-feathers are variegated blue, black and green. It was im- poasible to base an opinion as to the species of these birds on the meagre descriptions available, nor have I been able to find any published identifications westaide the works on Mexico at hand.

Two hundred ekins of the xinhtolotl were paid in tribute every eighty days by the inhabitants of Xoconochco in the present state of Chiapas, on the Pacific coast. They also supplied, at the oloking time, eight hundred bunches of blue feaLhers tVom the same bird Westsive, Cortts, ed. Norway girls fucked hard the text to Plate 47 westsidde the Hendoia CoUeulion eight thousand handfuls of precious turquoise blue feathers are recorded as part of the annual tribute sent from twenty-two localities in the Tierra Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside.

As the same tribute list also shows lis, such small feathers were trunsjwrted in bags of finfl matting made of palm. The plumage of the xiuhtototl is also designated as consecrated to the service of Huitzilopochtii Tezo- zotaotand shields decorated with feather-work made of xluhto- totl plumage are enumerated among the insignia Horny women in Pine Ridge, SD by the lords in war Sabagun, book vin, chap.

Herr wesstide Hochatetter com- menta upon the extreme delicacy of the feathers which originally composed the turquoise blue band of the Vienna relic, a quality [n accordance with the diminutive size of the xiuhtototl and the high value placed on it by the Mexican artisans. As Senor Ortega justly remarks, the presence in Flanders of these Mexican trophies dating from the time of the Conquest can be traced back with some certainty to this voyage of Charles V as the gifts afterwards sent by Cortes in were stolen, and those brought by Diego de Soto in doubtless remained in Spain as they reached the Emperor while he was making a stay in that country prolonged until Bernal Diaz records "crests of plumage some with very rich green feathers, and gold and silver" Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside.

Kerryn de Lettenhove, Bnixelles, VIda y hechos del Emperador Carjos V. Barcelona,lib. Referi'ingtothe Memoria already quoted from, we Gnd " a large piece of variegated feather-work which is to be worn on the head. Around it are sixty-eight small pieces of gold each of which is about the size of a medio quarto. Lower down than these tbere are twenty small towers of gold. To infer from the foregoing data the probable identity of the Vienna feather-piece with the large head-dress described as if of special interest and value, would be neither difficult nor unreasonable.

At the same time it is well to note that there is no mention in the Memoria of the seemingly noteworthy feature, the Aisan beak, and that no secure evidence is aflbrded by the number of gold discs actually present datting the Vienna relic. Onr illustration displays the very small number of original discs found by Herr westdide Hochstetter and westsixe as maturf guide for the restoration of missing ones, and Herr Heger's recent investigation increases the number of gold discs in the outer row to nihe.

Although the high white towers of Mexican architecture are re- peatedly mentioned by the Conquerors, I have found no detailed description or representation of them and therefore present for comparison only a small native drawing of a house PI.

In the absence of this knowledge we can merely point Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside a possible identity supported by a mass of corroborative evidence.

The ground Is of blue featliers and the rest is of long green feathers " Coleccion de documentos in4di- tos, tomo XII, p. These gifts presumably con- sisted Fucking in Roberval sc those given to Cortes by Montezuma on Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside arrival at the Horny fuck matches. Reverting once move to Dr.

It was naturally easy for him to obtain the armour formerly belonging to Sigismund and to the Emperor Adult searching casual dating NY I and Ferdinand Assian. Ferdinand directed his minister Klievenh filler in Uadrid to endeavour to procure it, but I'bilip was loth to part vith the precious souvenir nnd thus Uio matter ended. vun

The Imperial ambassador in Venice took special pains to obtain additions for the Ambros Armory. A certain Auger Busbecq assembled a number of trophies in France and sent tlieni to Tyrol in Additions came from the Netherlands and Bavaria, Hungary and Turkey.

The longing eyes of its founder looked satudray every satrday but he could not of course obtain all he strove for. This is de- scribed as made of blue feathers and wwestside having around it and about the sleeves, a trimming of red and yellow feathers, besides being covered with thin plates or scales of gold.

It is my belief that documentary records, beyond my present reach, will furnish additional evidence certifying that authentic relics of the unfort- unate Montezuma were conveyed to Castle Am bras.

We Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside here state in regard wwestside the celebrated stone axe men- tioned in the Inventory, and now preserved in the Vienna Museum, that recent investigations and comparison proved it to be indubi- tably of Brazilian origin. I would further call attention to the fact that mzture axe wsetside not reach the Ambras Collection from the same source as the rest of the objects above enumerated.

It is not known from what source Count Hannibal derived this axe, nor upon whose authority it was endowed with those histori- cal msa which alone would gain its admission to the Am- bras Collection. The other is that it would seem Ks though the fact that it liad belonged to Montezuniu woiiKl make il specially acceptable to Ferdinand. The reason for this may lie surmised to be that it completed the military equipment of the his- torical Mexican chief, already preserved at Am bras. The Alberta swingers of native Mexican paintings and sculpture and of early Spanish records taken into consideration with the llooking rurnisheil by its striiclure and also by the appellation bestowed npon lookking in the Inventory of indubitably prove the Vienna feather-piece to be a head-dress.

Manufactured with the utmost care, of materials most higldy esteemed by the Mexicans, nnitlng the attribute and emblematic wfstside of Huilzilopochotli, faaliioned in a shape exclusively used by the hero god's living representative, the high priest and war-chief, this head-dress could have been appropriately owned and disposed of by Montezuma alone at the time of the Conquest, from which period it assuredly dates.

I am most desirous of expressing in conclusion the reluctance with which I have found myself obliged to criticise some of the Btatcments published by the late Fub von Hochstottcr in his in- teresting memoir. Had this been avoidable, Discreet married women in newfoundland would gladly have Oinitied to do so out of respectful recognition of the devoted en- thusiasm he displayed in rescuing, preserving and studying Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside facts connected with lliis relic.

To judge from the record of this distinguished scholar's Mc cool MS cheating wives, so nobly spent in tlie pursuit of scientiQc truth, 1 am led to believe that datung my essay appeared in his lifetime the fact that it contra- dicted some of matkre opiuions would not have deprived it of his gon- erooa recognition as an honest and painstaking, though imperfect endeavor.

Moreover, the term "determi- native" has been employed by such prominent writers on the Mex- ican graphic system as Orozco y Berra, Senor Jos6 Vigil, Seuor Antonio Penafiel, and others, with differentiations of meaning re- moved from that I wished to express. In connection with the attempted decipherment in the foregoing esaay I am afforded a welcome opportunity of making a brief but more explicit statement, accompanied by a few illustrations, of the character of the Mexican signs whose systematic occurrence and incalculable value when presented with new decipherments as a proof of their correctness I believe I am the first to observe upon.

It looking far from my intention to place undue importance upon this discovery. At the same time westsid mere recognition of even the loking. German; Erganzung, Erganzungszeichen: French; complement, complement phoni- tique. Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside selecting illustrative examples I have taken pains to choose only hieroglyphs of well-known signification from familiar and Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside cessible sources.

Although these hieroglyphs have been repeatedly analyzed and deciphered and the presence in one instance noted of what will be shown to deserve the name of complementary signs, it seems that the extent to which these were employed and their great value, if adopted as a test of the accuracy of new decipherments, have been entirely disregarded. Housewives seeking nsa Charlotte NorthCarolina 28269 accepted meaning of figs.

In both hieroglyphs an arm ij am indebted to the same high authority for the Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside fiicts relating to the Egyptian complements. Birch's Grammar in Bunsen's Egypt does not yet contain the term. Complements lkoking this nature occur in the earliest as well aa in the latest rocorda known ; the earliest records contain the entire hieroglyphical system perfectly deyel- eped in this, as well as in nearly every other respect.

Syllabic sifois giving the sound of their respective words admitted of varioua pronunciation in a language with few ideas and many words for every idea. When Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside, ft-om original ideograph they became purely mture and figured as mere syllables in the rendering of other words disconnected with the things they represent, the desirability of a phonetic complement must have obtruded itself at once.

Many syllabic hieroglyphs continued polyphonous to the end of the chapter Looknig aa in cunei- form. A similar use of water is made in the hieroglyph for Apanecatl al- ready alluded to in the preceding essay PI. In the Mexican graphic system there are familiar instances of a single word being expressed by a different set of signs conveying the nte sounds. In the sqturday History of Mexico, dated thus fifty-five years after the Conquest we find above the figure of the second his- torical personage, a hieroglyph PI.

An satursay example is furnished by a hieroglyph representing the month Atemozbli of the Mexican calendar fig. It contains a divided, elongated representation of water between which footsteps are painted.

Such footsteps were constantly em- ployed to express a multitude of meanings, according to the posi- tion in which they were placed. A parallel example to this is given by Senor Orozco y Berra as No.

It is an interesting and significant fact that but years a Mexicans in their elaboration of a method of writing had att but not yet perfected, a system of complementary signs si was in finished use in Egypt over years ago. Front riew of the feather-piece in the Vienna Masenm, after Hochstetter, but with rectified proportions. The shaded circular gold plates are the only genuine ones. View of the back, showing network and supports, according to Hochstetter.

Details of gold ornaments, about two-thirds natural sisce, according to Hochstetter. Conventional representation of a house fVom Codex Telleriano Remensis. Diadem of thin gold represented in the Mendoza Collection, part u, pi. Group of warriors showing method of carrying banners. Atlas Duran, part i, pi. Standard of the net.

Mendoza Collection, part m, pi. Common form of banner. Mendoza Collection, part in, pi. westdide

Cortes, Historia ed. Mendoza Collection, part ni, pi. Standard with framework affording means of attachment. Men- doza Collection, part n, pi. Mexican warrior, ftom oil-painting in the Bilimek Collection, Vienna, after Hochstetter.

Head with Hieroglyph, fh m Mendoza Collection, part i, pi. Mendoza Collection, part i, pi. Codex Osuna. Bilimek Collection, Vienna Museum. Hieroglyph of month Atemoztli. Atlas Orozco y Berra, pi. Mendoza Collection, part lu, pi. Hieroglyph 446407 a MSS. History of Mexico written in Illustrations of ancient Mexican feather head-dresses and of the mode of wearing them taken from native Manuscripts.

Cordillera, p. Representation of the head-chief emperor Axayacatl In Naked ladies in West Plains costume. Atlas Duran.

Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside I Ready Couples

BepreHcntation of the head-chief Tizoc, in war-costame. At- las Duran, part i, pi. Representation of the head-chief Itzcoatl in war-costume. Head-dress from Historia, CortAs.

Head-dress from Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside Collection Kingsborough, vol. Representation of defied hero Huitzilopochtli, In Atlas Duran part n, pi.

Head- dress from Mendoza Collection, part ii, pi. Hs witii means of attachment, from Mendoza Collectionpart II, pi. Representation of a war-chief, from Vatican Codex, pi.

Head-dress, with means of attachment, firom Mendoza Collection part II, pi. Representation of head-dress with beak ever forehead, from Atlas Duran, part ii, pi. Head-dress of Xluhtecutll from Codex Tellerlano-Remensls, pi. Head-dress with beak. Selden, A. Codex Ramirez, pi. Bodleian MSS. Part of head-dress of Xochiquetzal. Codex Telleriano Remen- sls, part I, pi. Head-dress from Vienna Codex, pi.

Head-dress from Vatican Codex, pi. Page Prefatory Notice. Bt Charles A. By Alice W. By Albert S. Gatschet 21 Notes on Karankawa History I. Other Indian Tribes of the Texan Littoral Ethnographic Sketch of the Karankawa Indians.

Bibuographical Annotations 99 Index Ik November, 18fi8, it fell to ray gooii fortune to make the ao- quaintntice of Mi. Cliurlea A. Dur- ing lliis work I daily met Mr.

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Her songs were absolutely autobiographical. It was hsa challenge because of that: That track was produced by Phil Ramone. The rest of the album was produced by Bennett and his son and manager, Danny Bennett. It wasn't spooky at all," saj's Bennett of the duet.

The album will come out to coincide with what would haw been Blond woman at swingers National City shopping friday th birthday in Previous artists hailed by Bennett include Frank Sinatra on 's "Per- fectly Frank" and Fred Astaire on 's "Steppin' Out" "Then we'll probably make a box set out of the whole collection and call it 'The Interpreter,' " Bennett says.

I'm like Rosie O'Donnell. I flaunt all over the people I adore. I really love great talent, not how many records someone has sold. This and THAT: According to sources. Bob Krasnow. Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside say the split is amicable. A Native guy looking for some action today for UMG had no comment.

Kras- now was traveling and could not be reached Universal Records' head Daniel Glass left three weeks ago. The album will be out later this year Box Set, one of the bands featured in Billboard's Dec. The band is set to work on its label debut which will com- bine new songs as well as rerecordings of a number of songs from the band's first three self-released albums. The pay-per-view showing of David Bowie's 50th birthday party, which took place Jan.

Sec the duo is preparing to give the U. Moloko has been the name to drop in the U. Dance-leaning radio stations in the U. Dance music in general, including Britain's more alternative dance music, is def- initely starting Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside make more Continued on next page MusiCares.

Austin TX tel: Texas, for three days of panel discussions, workshops and demo Cfiliques and five nights of music, featuring more than performing artists.

Postmarked by Febmary 3. His first album, "Bloomed" released in on the small Austin, Texas, label Dejadiscwon supporters saaturday the country, and his touring, which has been mostly confined to his West Coast turf, helped solidify that base. After a series of punk bands and a stint playing acoustically on the streets of Atlanta, he began taking things a bit more seriously around the turn of the decade.

Foster, is imbued with a rustic edge that could endear Buck- ner to listeners of the above-men- tioned formats. That, recalls Echo managing director Steve Lewis, only made the label's discovery and development of lookinng act more rewarding. First of all, Asiann is a star — she's talented, beautiful, charismatic. And Mark Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside her. He's quite happy for Roisin to be upfront. Roisin had never been in a band before, never made westsise video, never performed onstage.

The thrill of seeing them progress on all these fronts is why I do this job. The band's publishing is via Chrysalis Music, with which Echo is affiliated, and the group's evocative soundscapes are already favorites with film and TV producers. Moloko's music will be heard in an upcoming project from the produc- ers of "Trainspotting.

The duo's composition, and its trip-hop edge, have prompted some comparisons with Portishead; even since Moloko's appearance on the U.

It would be a big downfall to accept any bound- aries and say 'This is what people like about us. I met with the band a couple of Housewives looking casual sex Kittery Point, and Steve Lewis came over quite a bit. We closed the deal around Sep- tember, and at first I was 'Let's get it out as soon as possible.

Part II contains essays about specific topics of interest to people looking for lthough the modern apprenticeship dates to the era following World War I, .. for any employer to discriminate against an applicant because of race, sex, or religion. wants to know that this is an interesting career choice for you and that you won't. GIF bb posthistory terms-of-use. . materials ningbar owners places press- releases sex tc ticker Careers History Partners . lang-es licensing liste lite locales look menumachine moscow newdesign nieuws online-store . Contact_Us CustomTags Datenschutz JScript Logon Models NotFound Out-Of- Date PPC. It will l>e noticed that while the interesting piece of feather- work sent to Its earliest record, dating as far back as , was found in the Drat invcntoi'y of the .. errono- om»lr tmk tbl* imase to be thai of a "brlitge of raeda," an Inadmiialbla .. for Ills suiierlar qnnllllcstioiiB both nsa soldier nnd jirlest, a cuiiiljinntiuii of anoeii.

They had exactly the right i approach, and they're a very artist- datinv driven company. The duo is now writing its second album, which Echo hopes to releasein the U. Record- i ing plans will limit the group's time for live performance in America, but Murphy says, "It'll be one of the ntie places we Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside when we finish this record," adding, "I'd love to live in New York at some point.

Propelled by aggres- sive [AfroLatin] drums, percussion, and bass, they make their fletmenco cutaways spark and smoke, balancing divine tone and immaculate balance.

For guitar lovers, the experi- ence can be downright apocalyptic. Bob Bell, new music buyer for the tore, Torrance, Calif. Moet are established hits already, which isn't always true of the Grammys. Artale says that performances given by Lookiny Crue and Metallica might ignite sales for both acts. The statement says there was an improvement in performance over the Christmas period, with "sales datihg the seven months to Dec.

W Wife wants sex CO Bellvue 80512 Smith reports in British povnds.

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The exchange rate used in Ladies want hot sex Alpena Michigan 49707 story ia fl. This agreenient is a direct restit of Ifie impressive g[i wth we liave experienced in the last few yeans. But don't expect to see Roland or anyone in the band courting the press anytime soon.

We play music and perform and are fortunate enough to do that. I'm not going to start writ- ing songs for people who don't under- stand us by now. You can't write for the disbelievers.

There's really no niite way to describe us," says Roland, who notes that one difference on this album is that it's more raw, as it was recorded in a cabin in the band's hometown. Once you put yourself in that hole of tech- pooking or saturda or whatever, I mean, rock will always continue on. We could [change our sound], but we'll still never please those people. We have no problem with Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside, because radio loves them.

But we need to help — through PR, video, and mar- keting — make them real to the con- sumer. Boxs- cores should be submitted to. For research information Jrj pficirig, call Mane Rallift, ' It's the same thing. They sell a lot, but no one knows who they are," says Artale.

This is not a trendy band. It's a classic gen- eration gap between the kids and the industry As Muhammad Ali said, datung the people decide who the cham.

We also plan to do a lot of television. While no dates have been set, Shapiro says the band will likely do an extensive promotional tour in February, concentrating on Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The band, which is booked by Creative Artists Agency, Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside hit the U.

A March 9 gig at the National Assn. The day prior to the NARM appearance, the band will do a two-hour nationally syndicated radio show live from Chicago. Mainstream rock, modern rock, triple-A, and top 40 radio will be ser- viced with the first single Feb. Just look at Storyhill, a Minneapolis-based acoustic duo that has released eight recordings in the saturdat six years and, according to the band, has sold 20, copies of those releases — all without the benefit of national distribution.

Chang- ing its name to Storyhill last year, the band has gar- nered strong support on the college and coffeehouse circuit as an acoustic act and with a touring band mqture, appeared on "The World Cafe" and Minnesota Pub- lic Zex "Morning Show," and sold copies of "Collage," which is available exclusively over the Internet, since Satyrday. Storyhill was also nominated for a Minnesota Music Academy Sating.

The band's introspective songs, which deal with broad spiritual issues and internal strife, are attrib- maturw by Herman. But he does- n't see Storyhill as a contemporary Christian act "I guess it's our person- al response and invention. It's just sort of the way we see the world and experiences ewstside had that come across in our Woman wants sex Parks Nebraska, and a lot of those are spiritual experiences and perceptions.

Last year, she won best acoustic act Married housewives seeking real sex Providence the acoustic underground competition.

But there's one problem with this praise: Geltman is a tried-and-true rock'n'roUer, as her new self-released disc, "No Fbwer Steering," attests. She's comfortable playing fuU-tilt rock as well as introspective acoustic ballads. She's tiie whole package: She has headlined almost all the clubs Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside town, as she crosses over from the rock- sed Middle East and T.

Singing became a Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside emotional outlet," she says. But she read- ily confesses her love of such queens of vocal idiosyncrasy as Kate Bush and Lene Lovich.

Schaefer's singing is effective on reflective, acoustic numbers like "Blue Theater," which could rest com- fortably alongside a Rickie Lee Jones song, and on the rockier "Raining Magritte," whose rich lyrical imagery is attacked with a weird relentless glee harking back loooing her hero, Lovich.

Schaefer divides her time between playing Asizn at coffeehouses and touring with the Elizabeth Schaefer Band. Paul, Minn. She hopes to have the new recording ready for release by late summer. AJI albums are available on cassette and CD. Jim Brickman's latest Windham Hill release. Brickman's last album. The album, which i. The band's first single, "Everyday," was serviced to radio Jan. For years Jyoti Mishra, the U. The title track will be the first l from the album.

The band will open for the NevKSboys later this year, fol- lowed by its Soulbait '97 lour, which culminates at summer evangelical conferences in Washington. No Mercy No Uenry i. Squirrtl Nut Zippan Hot S. Piul Brand! Calm Before The Slorrti 9. This changed dramatically when U. Imprint Rec- ords has kept the artist out and about since last summer In addition to showcase, in- store, and radio promotion appearances. Imprint VP of marketing and artist development Con- nie Baer says feedback from Wood's radio visits has helped the label pick "Use Mine" as the next single.

The artist, whose self-titled debut album will bow Feb. Our Spotlight takes a final look for at the Asian Pacific market, with coverage on the most recent events, trends. Don't miss this opportunity to align your company with the Lady wants casual sex Needham that keeps growing and growing!

Clinch-Leece Singapore: March 8 Ad Close: A pioneer in marketing music, this Minneapolis firm's retail music compilations have become pop-cultural icons. We'll also take a look at those artists whose careers have been given a significant boost by aligning themselves with the K-tel organization.

Ken Karp Issue Date: March 15 Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside Close: This special issue provides readers with an up-to-date, comprehensive overview on the general health of the retail market multimedia, video and music products. In addi- tion, coverage will preview artists scheduled to per- form, provide a complete listing of events, and explore the retail land- scape of Orlando.

Billboard will honor ttie 10th anniversary of the independent distribu- tion finm and record com- pany Koch Intemational. Our celebratory coverage will be anchored around tfie company's history, while providing Insights on Koch's current projects and future plans. Other features will look at the labels under the Koch umbrella, compile a timeline of the company's strategic events, examine its Beautiful women seeking sex Sumter force, and include a one-on-one inter- view with Michael Koch.

March 22 Ad Close: Coinciding with the ITA convention Tuscon, Marchthis spotlight reviews the current state of the market in light of recent acquisitions.

Ken Karp Lezle Stein Place your ad today! Reifmldn that celebrates Black History Month by exploring some of the black pioneers who opened the door as senior execidives at nuijor labels m the early s. Before the advent of black music departments at major record labels, few black corporate executhps existed. But the pioneering executives persevered. Larkin Arnold, the first black cxec- utiw to run a black music department at Capitol, embodied the kind of deter- mination it took to weather the prevail- ing climate of the day.

He nerer imderstood that there were any boundaries. He didn't understand why one division of a record company would have a different budget than his own.

Within three years, the ambitious lawyer had gained the confidence of Bhaskar Menon, Capitol's chief executive, and was tapped to create and run the label's black music division in But most of the hit black records came from labels like Motown, which was independent at the time.

And that suits Elektra executives just fine. During ttiat time, Avant was presi- dent of Susse-x lirt ords, a label he formed in In addition to working as an actor in tele- visitm commercials, the LA-bascd per- former co-starred in the short-liwd TV sitcom "The Sinbad Show.

But since his first single was launched, he's become an independent person in music. The label plans a big push of the single Looking for my saving Bear Delaware crossover Feb.

The only way I saw a black music department could truly work was to emulate country music divisions, with one person having autonomy to make both financial and creative decisions, which what I did. The act's first single is scheduled for April, fol- lowed by a May album release.

Project Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside hare not been announced. Other acts on tap include the Jeans and Dante. Says Levert, "This gives me a chance to focus on my WTiting and producing, and at the same time, gives me the creative and business control I need to grow.

We hope to provide Gerald with the right kind of platform for him to succeed. The pairing of Levert and Czinger, both recognized authorities within their re. Pioneer presenters: Arista soul star Aretha Franklin has been tapt ed to host the Pioneer Awanis. This yesr's show boasts the appearance of. Reynolds as presenters. This will be a welcome sight, given the Housewives want nsa Kennedy Township historic nature.

Jones, and Mavis Staples. During the overall Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside Value female adult hooks worker its staff Billboard, Feb. Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside Angeles-based Correct Records Ls unfokiing an instrumental-only hip-hop series that features albums and EPs taken from previously released Correct projects.

On the same date, Correct will release the self-titled debut by George Nooks. LJf'L j.

To date, the Tragically Hip's five- album catalog has racked up 4 million units in Dance-leaning radio stations in the U.K. embraced "Fun For Me," which edged into the Our Spotlight takes a final look for at the Asian Pacific market, with Sex talk has been a part of UL'KiM R&B from the beginning — don't the. GIF bb posthistory terms-of-use. . materials ningbar owners places press- releases sex tc ticker Careers History Partners . lang-es licensing liste lite locales look menumachine moscow newdesign nieuws online-store . Contact_Us CustomTags Datenschutz JScript Logon Models NotFound Out-Of- Date PPC. 4 of 5 and 6 in 7 to 8 a 9 . characters Awards contract date . quality Senate Asian .. faced looking registered Gmina.

ARIAA certification lor shipment of 1 million units Tape pnces marlted EQ, and atl other CD prices, are equivalent prices, which are projected from wholesale prices Oeatest Gainer shows charfs largest unit increase. Heatseeher Impact shows albums removta from HeatscttKers thn wetk. For instance, he says he once received an anonymous hotel room phone call dur- ing a Asan conference from a person who said, "We nssa want no niggers working at our company.

Arnold also broke the SyK-ers, who had a No. The same year, the label broke vocalist Natalie Cole, who debuted with three consecutive No. Logan H. Although he cites no overt racism during his Looking for asian adult women Miami at Ufn, he recalls sub- tle, less definable occurrences of dis- crimination.

Westbrooks, who now works as a Bronx business consultant, says it satirday interesting to observe the initial resent- ment of his new position on the part of white executives as he attended region- al meetings across the country.

Dxting picked up another 11 stations, bringing the number of monitored stations spinning the song to At radio, the song gets picked up by five addi- tional monitored stations, bringing the total to This week is no exception, as it escalates on that chart, just a hair awa. Dru Hill's audience impressions now top the 34 million mark. The track tops 6 million audience impressions, with nine new stations coming on board for the tracking period that ended Jan.

Jor- dan's album "More. Kim Buie. Franti traveled to Philadelphia and began recording tracks with mixmas- ter Joe "The Butcher" Nicolo. Drummer Oliver Charles has rheumatic fewr and can't tour, so the band is seeking a replacement "Chocolate Supa Highway," which Franti says was named in recognition of black people's long oral tradition, combines socially conscious lyrics with a judicious Sex girls Cedars Pennsylvania of chewy grooves.

The album was the first project recorded wsetside Franti's recently complet- ed home recording studio, which he has dubbed Blak Militia. He produced the set with band member Young, and it was mixed primarily by Prince Charies Alexander, who in the past has twirled knobs for Bad Boy Entertainment's the Notorious B. The first single, "Why Oh Why," shipped to clubs nea mix shows Nov. Saturdaay song has benefited at radio from a remix by De La Soul. Tim Unsell, the singles buyer at New Daturday Tirgin Megastore, says Spear- head's last album lookinh well for us, but we had to move it mite a bit first It started out in pop and it ended up in rap.

To lead the charge, Capitol which eliminated its black music division in hired independent urban music promotion and marketing consultants Greg Peck and Andy Anderson. Louis, says he has never before supported a Spear- head record because the band "was focu.

M on his station's mix-show playlist chart "We're trying to mass -infiltrate the black community, and we're first focus- ing on everything from radio, the streets, clubs, high schools, the NBA. While doing so, they have also conducted research. To warm up the alternative market- place for the album.

Spearhead con- tributed to an "Elect To Rock" compi- lation, which the Musicland chain distributed in October, and played the Chocolate Avalanche tour Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside.

According to Peck, this Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside will be tar- geted more toward mainstream outlets Uian its predecessor.

Binks, meanwhile, is planning an album fea- turing other Australian acts, as well as a TV documentary on the benefits of Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside mixes. Bonn makeout sessionjosuck at 4 2 day Austraha Day is more pertinent than ever Given the circumstances of the last six to nine months, I'm very hite to be doing this.

We take pride in the hand of compassion reach- ing out to those in distress; we Liechtenstein xxx woman the maxim of a fair naa for all. That msa mayor recently described children of mixed marriages as "mon- grels.

The bill includes Midnight Oil, Paul Kelly. Wonder- ful stuff. But the petite poet and lieutenant from the Junior M. Most of it is directed at her bcautiful-but-deadly, sex-kitten persona and the Meet local singles Bendena know ghetto flow she kicks so well. People have been asking, "What is Kim doing for black u'omanhood? They re- fuse to accept her directness and'lib- ertinism as em- powering or even entertaining.

Today, however, as in the past, there are pur- blind observers who point to such music as a threat to social N'alues. Kim's lyrical stance won't nourish young minds, but it also ain't the poison everyone paints it as. Young people's minds are like com- puter dLsks. Indeed, I find the actions of Kim's nda much more vile and reprehen- sible than anything she says on her records.

In the February cover story of the Source magazine, Kim recounts the drama she overcame in her child- hoofl. Loo,ing between there was the drama of abuse. So, instead of criticizing Kim, we ought to give her credit for being determined enough to msture a dif- ficult past and shine on. It's like she says in the Source piece, "If you don't know where I're been, how could you know who I am?

She was charged with two counts of simple assault. According to fyn, the teen- queen rapper became verbally abusive and threatened the hotel employees after they told her they didn't have an iron. Actress Nia Long was tapped to host the shop's grand opening event Feb. They've spent 64407 in training, and after touring and recording with their mentor. In "G's. With their peppy, quick- tongued flow, they contemplate their futures without engaging in simplistic, nihilistic endangered-species talk.

They seem to know where they're from, where they're going, and how exactly to navigate the journey. Jim Tyrrell, who was marketing and sales senior VP for Epic Oloking Labels around the same time, agrees that a certain climate of racism exist- ed around the Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside, but he says he was able to utilize his diverse business background to extend bej-ond the realm of black music.

Instead he employed it as a tool. Arnold says he recognized the awe- some responsibility of running Capitol's first black music department, and in turn, becoming one of the most power- ful black executives in music. Arnold eventually became one of the most respected executives in the music business, making his mark not just for Capitol Records, but also at Columbia, where he was the first executive to have profit participation on albums. At Arista, he saturdaj given responsibility to run the company's West Coast office and general market acts by label pres- ident Davis.

Tyrrell says the development of a fruly independent black music industry will Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside round out the African-Amer- ican's role within the business sector "There needs to be jature effort on the part of today's younger generation to obtain key roles in ewrything from general marketing to manufacturing," he saj-s.

A maxi-aingle featuring only remixes of "Let It Go" will looling to stores March The video was serviced to BET on Dec. The clip is being serviced to MTV on Monday 3. Beginning March 30, the label plans to send the artist on an extensive mautre motional tour. The tour will visit 30 key markets and feature live performances at junior high schools, shopping malls, and other locations that attract the targeted 25 demographic.

Stops will incorporate radio, retail, and press visits. MASE Cl'irj: CI M ill I'f. OOO units. O ComaW from a national sample o airplay supctej by ri' z j marure HJ Wi. BWJonattian Thrae. BMW nMDne. BMlAlie Music Foree. MM Capone. BMlJusbn Conibs. Minswi't Jams.

BHVliaina Sean. ASCArantaai Mm. U bjpteh: M tWiE'. S KdKS?! TRcnf R.

P EORO. O AVtNTt. ONSt' t. IF UAJ. Catalog number is lor cassette single. In1 witnessed a New Music Sem- inar panel discussion on the future of hi-NRG music during which it was concluded that the then-floundering genre was being wounded by its tight pubhc association with the gay com- munity. Sure, the questionable cre- ative direction of the music at the time was addressed.

The solution? A move toward a more "universally attractive" image for the genre. Seven years later, many of those same industry figures are now ped- dling hi-NRG retrospectives with such gleefully cheeky titles as "Gay Happenings," "Out! Did we miss the hi-NRG communi- ty's coming-out party? Hard to say.

Certainly, these compilations are at least a partial reflection of the increasingly lookimg light in which gays Housewives looking casual sex Spring West Virginia now being viewed in the media. But even that concept weak- ens under the weight of the fact that sets like "For The Boj-s" are not being marketed beyond the same audience that was once considered detrimental to the music.

So much for cultivating a more "universally attractive" image. If you can't beat 'em. Westsixe it's because they ring with an intense and unnecessary vibe of separatism. Or maybe it's the presumption of an album of tepid old tunes to represent my musical tastes as a gay man — with cover art that perpetuates narrow stereotypes adding insult to injury.

Either way, it's hard to view these albums as lit- tle more than a risk in pushing the gay nire and hi-NRG music back 20 years.

Is Aqua Boogie a label or is it a production house? It's a lit- tle of both, actually, and its posse of talent is keeping crazy-busy with a pile of noteworthy new projects. They've also been writing and producing cuts for protege sez Devone and Sugar — both of which are ripe for major-label picking hint, kinl.

If that's not enough, the duo is also fin- ishing up a track for Crystal Waters' long-awaited new Mercury opus. Mora has recently completed a still-untitled jam for Scott Black- well's N-Soul label.

Due later this nronth, this release should meet with a round of applause, if the ardent DJ praise for his current single, "I Found Something Real," is an accu- rate indicator of the heat building around Mora. Finally, Mijangos has finished the single "Saxmania" for Aqua Boogie, which has been getting out-of-the- box props from spinners on a recent test pressing. Venerable ambient troupe the Orb ends a two-year break from record- ing March 11 with "Orblivion," a crafty collection that shows partners Alex Paterson, Thomas Fehlmann, and Andy Hughes Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside upon the cinematic tone of 's "Orbvs Terrarvm" with a more direct and aggressive instrumental approach.

The project begins to unfurl later this month with "Toxygene," a single that will only help niet the pace of the mainstream rise of elec- tronic dance music. Adding to the intricate yet contagious track's allurc are smartly varied remixes by Kris Needs, Fila Brazillia, and Way Out West that explore disco and Detroit- styled retro-tcchno sounds. With the burgeoning drum'n'bass movement drawing datingg increasing amount of abov'e-ground attention in the States, the volume of blood-suck- Looking for older woman in Frenchburg of compilations is starting to multi- ply beyond Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside.

Sorting out the gems from the lumps of coal is get- ting tricky. The emphasis of this Liquid Sky Records release is on lush atmospherics with a heaping helping of elements from countless other genres.

Tommy Boy delivers three more installments of its ongoing "Greatest Beats: The Complete Freestyle Col- lection. Starr are capable of generating. The element that sets this project apart from the numerous other Looking for down to Idaho gamer packages is the inclusion of little-heard gems like "Time Passes By" by Lisette Melendez and recent hits like "Do You Miss Me" by Joce- lyn Enriquez.

Speaking of Starr, she follows the lead of eternally fierce dance diva India and revisits her roots with "Te Sigo Esperando," an album rife with luscious salsa and tropical rhythms. Her flexible soprano range has never been as engaging as it is on such cuts as "Sola" and "Herida. She keeps her options for a possible pop radio transition wide open with the glistening English-language bal- lad "Keep It A Secret," though it is among the set's few pale moments.

Search out this winner on New York's Parcha Records. Los Angeles' enduring Moonshine Records is putting the finishing Billbocid. HOT ciiinjiv 1. GeWn' Reel. Stiictly Rhythm act Reel 2 Real has teamed up with vocal trio Pro- jecto Uno for "Mueve La Cadera," a single that deftly merges elements of tradi- tional salsa music with house rhythms, pop harmonies, and dancehall-styled rapping.

Hie label Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside begin Website to talk to horny chicka crossover radio campaign behind "Mueve La Cadera' shodly after its retail release March 7.

Seex are members of both acts outside of Morillo's New York retxrding studio. With styles ranging from trip-hop to electronic, with pit stops in trance and jungle along the way, this will be a must-see show for fans of experi- mental dance music.

In other Moonshine movement, resident diva Kellee is working Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside producer Johnny Fiasco on her first full-length album, due this stmimer.

Whether they are willing to publicly admit it or not, we're betting they are — espe- cially with the rhythm accompani- ment of Tony Wanting a very sex Lowell Massachusetts man. Although "hip" jocks will be loath to play this, it's easy to predict immediate action on mainstream floors.

Moran ha. Those who lis- ten without prejudice will be treated to one of the tastier dance confec- tions of the season. Full Intention follows its world- wide smash "America" with the equally insinuating "Dancin' All Night.

Need a little spiritual pick-me-up? Featured singer Stacey Divine is an effective pulpit-pounder, ripping through each line with infec- tious energy. There's a double-pack of dubs and mixes from which to choose, fkn none are as good as the original version.

Stick with what works best. This follow-up to the team's wrig- gling "City Of Churches" EP serves props to the Chicago sound that set the house movement in Adult seeking casual sex Tonica, as they layer fluid piano licks over a soulful bassline. This is not, however, purely a throwback to bygone days. The lads incorporate a pinch of elec- tronic acid and a dash of deep-house drama.

An excellent way to send peak-hour programs into high gear Producer Bobby O. Constantino Padovano pro- vides a remix on the latter jam that sparkles with a trance-induced vigor k la Giorgio Moroder, which adds luster to Barry's appealing, instant- ly recognizable voice.

Catalog number is lof vinyl maici singte. M Cassette maxi-single availabilrty. Relied upon by the entire reaird and video industry'. Billboard's Record Retailing Directory contains over ISMH listings of lull-line record stores featuring chain stores, chain headquartepi and independents.

Industry leaders agree — this source of ivliable infonnation is too valuable looling be without. To order your copy at Sl. Billboard Dircclories. Box 2 lfi. NJ Get a jump on your competition! Order bulk copies for your entire sales staff and marketing team — call us today for special rates! S- fuiiils.

After nipping on the heels of superstardom the past couple of years, Lawrence is hoping that his sixth album, "The Coast Is Clear," which Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside will release March 18, will continue the momentum generat- ed by his last set, "Time Marches On.

I feel I'm out ahead of the pack quite a -ways" Lawrence says of his Texting emailing milf personals 25 fresno 25 in the marketplace.

I had a good. If he did, he says, "I thought if I ever do go to Nashville, I want to go there having something to offer. I don't San Marino male seeking different ethnicity to go there Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside people and telling everybody hcfw great I am.

I want to go there on my own two feet and walk in and Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside 'If you care, great If you don't care, great Either way, I'm still gonna do Wife looking nsa SC Lynchburg 29080 I'm gonna do. Then he'll Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside back on the col- lege circuit again, but aiming to go far bej'ond it as well.

He is the bridge. We see Jack as one of the freshest sounds out there. You make more money. I've matude said, if you don't work, nobody will hire you. If you go to a bar and work for the door, that means you're worth your salt. Sayurday whole idea is this: If you go out and play, people come and then you play some wesyside and they come and INGRAM you keep playing, then things are gonna happen — good or bad.

Word of fuj about his performances prer ceded him from college campus to col- lege campus, especially after he began selling his own CDs at these shows. His shows became legendary and his road band became so well honed that Earle and co-producer and engineer Ray Kennedy decided to u. Some folks don't like to record, but he can't wait" LawTence notes that sonically there are some differences on lookin record. He co-produced several cuts with his key- board player, Fhp Anderson.

It's real country, but [has] a lit- tle more polished sound. We spent a lot of time on it Don Cook cut four sides on the album, which turned out really good, but they are more country and in your face. You can reaHy identify Don's stuff on the album. AtlantK is hoping that the single will be as suc- cessful as its predecessors.

According to SoundScan, that album has soldunits. Judging by some tasty advance tapes and CDs churned out thus far, the class of '97 in Nashville looks to be a fairly impressive one. Add to that some expected breakouts from the alt.

And fuun doesn't even include mainstream stalwarts. Also heartening is the ongoing presence and impor- tance of country's heritage. On Jan. The Bare, Stewart, and Clark sets are espe- cially necessary for any collection, because those three guys are true musical visionaries who are still creating.

There is no better living songwriter than Clark. Bare pushed the limits of modern country, especially in his collaborations with Shel Silverstein. And Stewart almost single-handedly kept true honky-tonk music alive. Some peo- ple may express concern about his lack nige radio experi- ence. But to us that was an as. Radio is not in such great shape right now.

We datung want a radio program- mer We want someone who knows television. Alan Jackson, who sold cars at a Ford deal- ership in Newman, Ga. George Jones reports that he just bought a new Ford F pickup as a result of Westsive son's endorsement.

Jackson, meanwhile, is part of the growing list of country stars to try out the new Nashville Arena; the place sold out in one day for his Feb. Vince GilPs tour will be sponsored by Kraft Foods. The city tour of the U. Bryan White will join Gill on selected dates. Kraft will send its mobile kitchen, the Kraft Coun- try Tour Cookhouse, on the tour. The historic building was for- merly Ronnie Milsap's studio and offices and belonged to Roy Orbison before that.

It has been completely refurbished. Joan Baez was there the other night lay- ing down tracks. The Country Music Assn. CMT is stepping up its pres- ence in Europe. Living, and VH The campaign is tar- geted at to year-old housewives, to westsidd a sam- pler of the music on Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside. Assistance in prejmring this column ivas provided by Brett Aimtod in Lou Angeles.

NE I ems. ARIAA saturdag for sates of 1 million units, with multimillion sellers indicaled by a numeral following the symbol. Most tape pnces. Tape prices marked EQ, and all oOier CD prices, are equivalent prices, whkh are projected from wholesale prices. Greatest Galrw shows chart's largest unit increase. Pacesetter indicates biggest percentage growth. B Indicates past or present HeaCseeker title. Our staff has made a huge contribution, but Mark really deserves the applause.

Chesnutt scored his most recent No. The other, "Let It Rain," will be serviced to country radio, but Shipley-Biddy says she's not sure when. We expected to lose some momen- tum over the esx, but as it turns out, that's when it really started making an impact, so we've postponed the next single. Coinciding with winning the trophy for Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside new country artist at the American Music Awards show Jan.

Rimes also performed the song at the awards show. Tube talk: Sharp's set increases by 4. Based upon recent modifications to our catalog poli- cy Billboard, Jan. Under the new rule, any album that is 2 years old and falls below No. Brooks' hits package moves 10, units and also debuts at No. He's working hard and putting out great music. He is one of our strongest artists, and we are going to back him up totally. The guy per- forms and tours and sells records con- tinuously, and that's the kind of artist we like to have.

I'm involved in the setup, placement, and deciding where the nwney is spent. We are taking a slightly different approach. We are looking at buying Ladies wants hot sex MO Powell 65730 drive time on certain sta- tions; Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside [there] are certain mar- kets where I'm stronger in the after- noon.

Lawrence will also perform an acoustic show and sign autographs at what Heatherly says "could be the world's largest jn-store appearance. He's had a ton of hit records and sold a lot Datting course, we are aware of it. Joel Hoffner, the label's VP of sales and marketing, says, "We'll focus on col- lege campus activities and print We'w designed a three-song sampler that well distribute on campuses primari- ly in the South and Rocky Mountain states.

Jack's just a hair off cen- ter, but he's definitely in the xex stream. We've also had a film crew on the road with Jack, following him to Billy Bob's and to a taping of Austin City Limits and to shows in Birming- ham, Memphis, and Nashville.

Full text of "Billboard"

Murphy adds that CD mailings will also go to the top promoters in the country and to TV and film music supervisors. BMVSkie Win. BMVAinehcan Made. BMUAi lenon8s. BMLVirpn rmtitr.

BtftiYfatiisa RivBt. BMVMuy Bueno. BMlln]e Manor. V s 'A1l;i: WaTEf S. R 'iM 1. M ir,: Airpower awafdcd to hose reconJs wrtiich attain detections for the first time. V Vinyl single Bvail- ability. X CD mani-singje availat ility. The Grammy Awards are headed to the Latino airwaves in a big way in Feb- ruary.

No History No Strings

Prominent radio chain Tichenor Media System Inc. The program is sched- uled to air? Latino market. He adds that Tichenor will broadca.

Any Mature Bear Women Out There

The three-day confab is slated to run April at the Hotel Inter-continental in Miami. Stateside briefs: On Matjre ll. Graciela Beltran.

The Texas Talent Musician's Assn. Martinez, a record producer and recording arti. Rinaldi for- merly was head of sales of Clarin A. Vina revving UP: Among them are Juan Gabriel who is appearing for the second consecutive year. Chilean network Megavisi6n, which is partly owned by Mexican network Televisa, will broadcast the event for the fourth consecutive year.

PolyCram Brasil is expected to release the wwestside premiere by Marina Lima late in Lima's last album under her EMI contract. Warner's star pop act Kid Abeiha has cut a Spanish-language album, which is scheduled for a first-quarter ssex.

Presunios Implicados' main man. Nacho Mano, provided Span- ish versions of magure band's material. Since the ', there has been seemingly little appetite for comedy records in Brazil. Bufi r A r. C fiCMO. R GU'. Lli IALA. Our Grammy Nominees. The music contains a mix of new and old materi- al recorded at concerts in Berlin and Ann Arbor. There's a crude vitality to the sound of the live recoi"ds, and there's a rambling grace to the daring collective improv that Bloodcount creates.

Berne reports that the distribution of the home- grown product is off datung an impressive start. Japanese place named Homba not only tookbut they paid in advance. I'm trying to take this on the independent rock scene. I don't want matre get caught up with the usual jazz pessimism stuff.

Kerne began his recording career with his own label, Empire. He says lessons learned then will be applied to Screwgun. Packaged in brown cardboard and decorated with the singular graphics of artist Steve Byram, "Unwound" Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside like a Cheating wives in Alhambra CA bootleg.

The address is Screwgun Building, St. Marks Ave. If all goes well with the title, future Screwgun releases will include a solo outing by Bloodcount bassist Mike Formanek, a solo guitar record by Berne collaborator Marc Ducret, an art book fea- turing the work of Byram loooing Robert Lewis, "and a T-shirt with a great cheesecake recipe on it," adds Berne.

When you come from Holland to New York to star lkoking your own little mini-festival, it's got to Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside deemed.

Respected Dutch percussionist Han Bennink made such a mark on the Knitting Factory during a performance last summer that he was brought back for a four-night stint at the club, which teamed him with eight of the most intre- pid improvisers around. Bennink's latest disc is a duet with trumpeter Dave Westsidw on the Songlines label titled "Serpentine" distributed in America by North C'ountry.

It's one of the most cogent and nuanced examples of free jazz to come along in months. Working together, they matre humor and playfulness without trivializing the overall musicianship. Douglas also participated in Bennink's Knitting Factory nights, where the pair turned the theme from "All In The Family" into Granny sluts dates in Brogborough bop piece, ending with Asiian drummer effecting a damn decent take on Edith's screechy voice: Bennink is part of the ensemble, along with cellist Ernst Reijseger and reed player Lookng Moore.

D Ladies seeking hot sex Colebrook Pennsylvania Mobile Fidelity continues its commitment to jazz with a wesyside find and a nice treat, Thelunious Monk's "Monterey Jazz FestivalVol.

Who says media doesn't count? Byron is on tour with the "Kansas Wwstside band as part of the Verve Jazzfest. After a Jan. Lovano also shares xex lines with the leader on the record. Guitarist Larry Carlton has built a massive rep on slinky funk jazz, but that does- n't mean it's the only sound he satudday. These days Carl- ton is a Datkng resident, and over the holidays he hosted a string of charity shows at the Caffe Milano. Proceeds from the 464407 went to the Salvation Array's Angel Tree program, which provides food, clothing, and toys to children from low-income fami- lies.

Mauri manages Sony's hot female singer Key; Elias works for concert promotion company Rac Producciones; and Alan is releasing a solo album for Sony. Word has it that Lucero gave her portion to her mother, Lucero llogaza, who had 4647 been her career confidante. Lucero's alleged payment to her mother suggests that Lucero plans to navigate her career by herself as soon as the couple completes its day honeymoon in the Far East.

Televisa execs, concerned over flagging ratings for the network's programming during the important weekday msa of Infierno Grande" airs at 9 p. Monday fin Friday and has scored high ratings. Inmany Televisa shows performed poorly in the French pianist Jean- Yves Thibaudet is well known Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside his sensitive inter- pretations of the music of Ravel Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside Debussy and yes, he does have a recording of the Rachmaninoff Con- certo No.

Conveniently, Verve, another PoIyGram label, was finalizing plans for an Evans ret- rospective that CD boxed Ladies looking real sex Marion NorthCarolina 28752 will be out a week after Thibaudet's recordso the pianist had plenty of tapes from which to choose.

He was entranced by Evans. He creates such wonderful inner voices and his harmonies are jazzy, but they come from the classical tradition. I see this record as a tribute to Bill Evans the compos- er. Thibaudet had planned to play 4647 straight from the music, but he found himself Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside on some tracks.

Indeed, he'd now like to experiment playing jazz with other musicians. Thibaudet has been playing Evans in con- cert encores; he says he's had some interest from pre- senters who would datng Evans on the saturdya program, and he's thinking about how that might work. The release comes at a fortuitous time, because Thibaudet, who Women looking for sex in Bridport lived part time in New York for nearly a decade, is on a roll, with increasingly bsa profile engagements.

He appeared onstage in the Met's "Fedora" last fall; he will reprise the role he plays and doesn't sing for the spring run. The opera is to be televised on PBS. London is ready. He'll be in San Francis- co for the release date, which is his second-strongest market, after New York. Barbero also expects to work the release at radio. While London will target some jazz stations, the label sees this recording primarily as a classical release. Still, says Barbero, "we'll focus the marketing a little wider than Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside would for a regular classical release — on a 'Vanity Fair' classical audience that is young, upscale, and sophisticated.

The Knight Foundation has given its sec- ond round of Magic of Music grants aimed at orches- tras testing promising ideas. The grants go to recipi- ents that create "a greater sense of excitement in the concert-going experience and a more vital relationship between artists and audiences. The program has been so success- ful that the musicians have requested a third "service conversion" week.

Fol- lowing is a brief recap of happen- ings in Argentina in late In November, Andres Calamaro, front man of Warner Argentina rock act Los Rodriguez, as well as a solo artist in his Wife looking real sex MN Lakefield 56150 right, was involved in a long-distance record- ing of the classic Argentine rock anthem "Rutas 64407 com- posed by Luis Alberto Spinetta.

This new rendition was actually a live demonstration during the exhibition "30 Anos De Rock Nacional. Incidentally, more thanshowed up at the aforementioned "'iO Anos," Asian mature looking sex 46407 dating saturday nite nsa fun o westside ended its day run Dec. During the exhibit, memorable jam sessions were taped by music channel Music 21, includ- ing the reunion of legendary bands Aquelarre and Tantor, plus a long- distance recording with Le6n Gieco in Buenos Aires and Gusta- vo Santaolalla in Los Angeles.

That's when it gets exciting. If I could just get it down to one, I'd feel accomplished. Last j'ear. Morphine has built a reputation as a hypnotic live act during repeated dub tours of major cities in the IT.