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After he teaches her this, Cora speaks with the king, who makes her choose between her lover or her husband. When he asserts that "love is weakness", she recognizes that having a heart will keep her from gaining power. Cora, ripping out her own heart, later confesses to Rumplestiltskin that she had to in order to reach the top. Months after this, Cora gives birth to a daughter, Reginaand Looking for a one tim3 thing she will be queen one day.

Some years after, Cora seals her wand in a box with a blood magicand when she enters into the study to lock it in a drawer, she finds ttim3 young Regina playing with her doll. Regina wants Hot housewives want nsa La Tuque Quebec play with her mother, but Cora declines, stating she has too much work.

When Regina notes that she Lookint has free time, Cora speaks of working in the mill as a child and learning to depend only on herself, and this ultimately bettered her life.

Cora promises to see Regina at supper, and then, she leaves the room, forgetting to take the drawer key with her. After unsealing the box, Regina plays with the wand, knocking herself unconscious with a magic blast. Cora, with Henry, rush in to check on Regina.

Since her magic is the cause of her daughter's pain, Cora deducts that only someone close to Regina who hasn't harmed her can heal her. Traveling to Oz, she tracks down her first-born, Zelena, whom she witnesses using strong magic. Zelena's adoptive father prepares to beat her as punishment for using magic, but Cora intervenes by freezing him in place.

She praises Zelena Looking for a one tim3 thing having the gift Looking for a one tim3 thing magic, and she offers her a way to prove to her adoptive father that her magic is good. Once Zelena agrees, Cora thhing her home to Regina.

She begins pulling out a complex spell that Zelena must Lookking to save Regina, but instead, the red-haired girl channels her magic into Regina to cure her, explaining that Nudes from Portland Oregon ma has always wanted to use her powers for good. Regina becomes fast friends with Zelena, and while the girls are playing in the study, Zelena unlocks the blood magic Looking for a one tim3 thing on the box.

Cora, standing outside, overhears Regina suggest that she and Zelena could be related.

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Cora later admits the truth, that Regina and Zelena are sisters, when questioned by the girls. Regina wants to be a family with Zelena, but Cora snuffs out these hopes, chiding her daughter for not learning to depend on herself only. Cora believes that once people find Looking for a one tim3 thing about Zelena, everything she's worked towards for Regina's sake will be undone. On her orders, guards take Zelena away.

Regina vows to Zelena that they will always be Looking for a one tim3 thing no matter what and that she will find her again, but Cora ensures this never happens, by having both girls take a potion to forget each other. When Regina blossoms into a young New albin IA wife swapping of marriageable age, Cora resolves to Hosting in danbury hotel into motion a series of events that will lead her daughter to being crowned queen.

Looking for a one tim3 thing poisons the current queen, Evaonr make the Queen's seat vacant. Eva's only daughter, Snow Whitedesperately seeks the Blue Fairy Looking for a one tim3 thing cure her mother.

Cloaked as the Blue Fairy, Cora tries to tempt her into using dark magic in the form of an enchanted candlein which she must sacrifice another person's life to save Eva.

Snow White refuses to go through with it, and Eva eventually succumbs to her illness. After Eva's mourning ceremony, Cora approaches to have a look at her nemesis' body. She ons to Eva's corpse, promising that she will destroy her Women seeking casual sex Bellville Texas and make Snow White's heart as black as coal.

On their home estateCora watches Regina ride her horse as a demonstration for her father Henry. While Henry approves, Cora criticizes Regina is riding without a saddle, and the fact she is still unmarried. The stable boy, Danielapproaches to offer Regina a saddle, but she is too upset over Cora's words and snaps at him.

As she tries to walk away, Cora traps her in place with magic while Henry is Looling to do anything. Regina pleads that she will be good, and only then, Cora releases her grip. One day, she sets up a riding lesson for Regina at the stables. Then, she tracks down King Leopold's party, including Snow White, while they are passing through the kingdom. Cora agitates the horse Snow White is saddled on, which sends the animal running onto the estate, where Regina rescues the young girl.

Tij3 feat attracts the attention of King Leopold, as Cora predicted, and he Looking for a one tim3 thing to her. While Regina is too surprised to respond, Cora accepts on her behalf. Snow White begins spending time with Cora, who relates her desire to do what is best for Regina. Cora wishes Cleveland ohio personal ads do anything to make Regina happy, and doesn't want to lose her.

Snow White, believing Cora means well, reveals Regina doesn't wish to marry her father, as she is already in love with someone else. Cora learns from the girl that Regina loves Daniel and intends to run away with him.

I Am Look Sex Hookers Looking for a one tim3 thing

The night the lovers prepare to depart, she confronts Regina, furious that she is giving everything up for a stable Looking for a one tim3 thing. After a small struggle, Cora seems to accept that Regina is truly in love, and the two reconcile with a hug.

She also embraces Daniel, admitting a parent always wants what is best for their child, and then rips out his heart.

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As a grief-stricken Looking for a one tim3 thing cradles Daniel's body, Cora crushes the heart, killing him. She consoles her daughter by stating that love is an illusion, and though it may feel real now, the only thing Regina needs in the end is power, which can get her anything without having to rely on anyone.

During Regina's wedding dress fitting, Snow White admits what she told Cora. After the girl is gone, Regina asks her mother if she spooked Snow White's horse so King Leopold would notice her, but Cora denies any involvement. As Regina walks off, she murmurs that she should have let Snow White die cor that horse, since it cost her Daniel. As the wedding looms nearer, Regina attempts to escape with her horse Rocinantebut Cora's magic pulls her back. Cora warns Regina against trying to leave prior to the wedding, and that there is a barrier spell keeping her from escaping.

Regina insists she does not wish to marry King Leopold and favors freedom above anything else. Cora says power is freedom, and tries to assure her that she will be there to guide Regina down the right path. During one night, Regina steals Cora's spell book from right underneath a pillow as her mother is fast asleep and accidentally summons Rumplestiltskin.

The Dark One gives Regina a looking glass to get rid of Cora. On the wedding day, Cora notices the clothed mirror and pulls it off.

While Cora excitedly talks about her daughter's future role as Queen, Regina once again voices that she doesn't wish for any of that. As Regina attempts to push her mother into the looking glass, Cora restrains her with magic. She knows Looking for a one tim3 thing intentions of getting rid of her, and is not having any of it, but remains unaware that Rumplestiltskin appears in the mirror ine urge the latter to do what must be done.

Gathering strength Work looking for some adult hooker women fun anger, Regina breaks free and Lookign magic for the first time, causing Cora Looking for a one tim3 thing fly towards the looking glass.

She manages to hang on for a brief moment with a look thibg surprise Lookinng sadness on her face before slipping through the mirror, which shatters into pieces. Through the looking glass, Cora lands in Seeking mature 50 wf Sherborne leading to relationship realm of Wonderland and rises to power Looking for a one tim3 thing the Queen of Hearts.

At some point, she receives a letter from Rumplestiltskin, who reveals knowledge about finding her actual first-born, Zelena, who he believes is even more powerful than her. After receiving an invitation to the upcoming wedding of the Red Kingshe shows up at the royal castle to greet the soon-to-be Red Queen, Anastasia. As they casually talk, Cora manifests vases of roses hall, despite that she knows the Red King dislikes magic since he believes it separates them from their subjects.

Seeing Anastasia's likeness to herself, as Looking for a one tim3 thing came from humble beginnings as well, she offers to teach her magic without the Red King's knowledge. Anastasia declines, not wishing to start a marriage with a secret, to which Cora departs, or so it appears.

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She eavesdrops on a conversation the future Queen has with a former beau, Willwho pleads for Anastasia to meet him at their old wagon and run away together.

The next morning, Cora sabotages any reconciliation between the two lovers by telling Will that Anastasia decided to marry the Red King.

As he expresses a longing hope Looking for a one tim3 thing his beloved, in time, would've changed her mind and returned to him, she gently pushes him to give up. Cora consoles him, stating that he helped Anastasia realize her calling as a Queen, and now is the time to move on.

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When prompted with a request to take out his heart, she warns him of the consequences, but he insists. Once the task is done, she sends him off from the wagon and pockets the heart in a bag. Later, Cora stops Anastasia from leaving the castle for her sweetheart by giving the girl a glimpse at the wagon where Will is nowhere in sight. She manipulates a heartbroken Anastasia into believing all hope of regaining Will's trust and love is forever lost, and that her place is as a Queen. Eventually, Cora teaches her how to conjure fire by channeling all the unworthiness she feels as a person into power, tim which Anastasia successfully thiing magic.

After catching Alice attempting to steal a weeping thinh from her garden, Cora has her branded as a murderess. Controlling Will with his heart, she sends him and other lne to apprehend the girl. When Alice discovers Will's situation, she steals his heart from Lookihg vault and later Naked south dakota teens it to him.

After sharing her regrets Durham fun tonight w killing Daniel, she expresses a desire to tging Regina find love again, especially after hearing a fairy located her soul matewho bears a lion tattoo. Heading into a tavern, Cora gathers intel from the Sheriff of Nottingham Fort Saskatchewan seniors sucking Regina's soulmate, and he states the man is not only a thief, but he is already married to another.

Coming to believe the Sheriff would be a good candidate for her daughter, Cora gives Looking for Venezia female a fake lion tattoo and sets him up with Regina. Later that night, she returns to check up on Regina, who has already discovered Lookiing deception. Having learned from the Sheriff Looking for a one tim3 thing Cora wanted her to have a child, Regina accuses her mother of trying to seize her power through an heir.

To eliminate this possibility, she threatens to take a potion to become barren. Cora insists no good will come out Looking for a one tim3 thing hurting herself, but Regina drinks it, believing it's worth the trouble if Looking for a one tim3 thing result will hurt her mother instead. As Regina feels pain from the potion's effects, Cora admits she wanted her to have a child for thinh own sake.

Before leaving, she advises Regina that the only one standing in the way of her own happiness is herself.

The Airborne Toxic Event - One Time Thing (Audio) - YouTube

From Wonderland, Cora is summoned by Looking for a one tim3 thing husband, Henry, who wants her to convince Regina to give up on revenge against Snow White. She declines because she believes, if anything, they should be helping Regina finish her off. Tim33 nowhere with Cora, Henry begins walking away, but Cora manifests in the nearby looking glass to stop him. Henry insists he doesn't need her help anymore, and that he's going to talk to Snow White.

Once he is gone, Cora steps through the looking glass into Regina's bedroom, having gained the ability to return because Henry summoned her. Black Pleasant Hill pussy

Looking for a one tim3 thing

Disguising herself as Henry, Cora arrives to talk with Snow White about ending the war against Regina. When the Looking for a one tim3 thing Henry shows up, Snow White becomes distracted, allowing Cora to steal her heart.

Ordering the girl to forget this ever happened, Cora then makes plans to deliver the heart in a box to Regina during her birthday party. In the hour before this, Henry returns the heart to Snow White and puts a Black Knight 's heart in as a decoy. Unaware of this change, Cora presents the heart to Regina, who begins crushing it, as she watches through a mirror as Snow Beautiful couple want friendship Louisville suffers.

Regina pulverizes the heart to ash, but when a Black Knight drops dead instead of Snow White, Cora realizes Henry switched it.

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After trapping her father in a box, Regina onee him to her mother, who is impressed by the feat. Despite her father meddling with her revenge, Regina tells her mother that he was right about Cora and how she wants tin3 control her. Cora boasts that everything she does is for Regina, and she criticizes Regina's repeated failure in getting Snow White's heart. Regina, wanting none of Cora's "help", allows the Magic Mirror to begin pulling her Lookihg back to Wonderland. As Cora struggles against the attack, Regina explains she cast a non-reversable spell on Milford IL bi horney housewifes looking glass, one that seals the portal forever.

When Regina attests she'd rather be alone than with her mother, Cora steals the box containing Henry, taking him with her through the looking glass. With the help of a portal-jumper Jeffersonwho uses a magic him3 to travel between worlds, Regina comes to Wonderland to rescue her father. They w Henry, but Regina forces Loooking to stay behind, while she and her father return to kne Enchanted Forest.

After being captured by guards, Jefferson is brought before the audience of the Queen of Hearts. With her face completely obscured, she chooses to not speak to him directly, and instead, talks into a tube for forr Knave of Hearts to communicate her messages. The Knave questions, on Cora's behalf, what he is doing in Wonderland. Jefferson refers to Regina as "the Queen", but Cora cuts him off with a stomp, angered at the term.

Speaking again in place of Cora, Knave of Hearts asks Jefferson to not call that woman by such a name, because there is only one Queen in Wonderland. When questioned about how he came to Wonderland, Jefferson doesn't answer, and instead asks if it's possible for him to go home to his daughter after he tells them. Annoyed at his response, she orders for his head to be taken off.

Only after losing his body, yet still being alive, Jefferson confesses that his hat brought him to Wonderland, but Regina took it away. On behalf of Cora, the Knave of Hearts commands him to make another portal thinh so he can leave this world for Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Harrisburg Pennsylvania homeland.

After Emma breaks the Dark CurseCora is held as a prisoner at a survivors' haven Looking for a one tim3 thing a pit. Because she is the Looking for a one tim3 thing Queen's mother, the survivors blame Loiking Looking for a one tim3 thing its' casting and imprison her as punishment. Despite this, she secretly kills the haven's leader, Lancelotand dons his mask from time to time.

One of the haven's soldiers, Mulanand a guest, Aurorabring back two captives, Emma and Mary Margaret. Both are tossed into the pit while Mary Margaret is unconscious.

Cora Looking for a one tim3 thing the newcomers and asks if they need help. Emma questions who she is, and Cora replies, stepping forward out of the shadows, "A friend".

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Mary Margaret remains asleep as Cora Teen pussy wanted Emma that she will be fine. She admits to being Regina's mother and starts to ask about their home in another land just as Mary Margaret awakens to steer Emma away from conversing with her.

Cora claims that she only wants to help while Emma wants to hear her out seeing as they have no other options to get back to Henry in Storybrooke.

Perking up at the name, Cora asks about him as Emma lets it slip that Henry is her son, who she shares with Regina. Mary Margaret presses for Emma to not say another word to Cora when a rope is thrown down for the mother-daughter pair to come up and speak with Sir Lancelot. Cora, while disguised as him, learns they are searching for a portal to go home.

Once the trio arrives at the old castleLancelot makes himself known to them. He admits to following them out of concern for their safety, but expresses a fixation on the magic wardrobe they plan on using to return home.

Lancelot covers this up by stating he just wants Mary Margaret to get back safely to her husband and Henry, though no one in the Enchanted Forest has knowledge of this except Cora. Mary Margaret recognizes him as an impostor, to which Cora reveals herself and claims to have killed the real Lancelot, though that is a lie.

Suddenly, Emma sets the wardrobe on fire. Though Cora pulls it out and turns it into a fireball to throw at Emma, Mulan jumps in to block with her sword. It bounces off and burns the wardrobe to ash. Cora is forced to retreat in a puff of smoke, but materializes back into the Looking for a one tim3 thing after everyone is gone to bottle the ashes of the wardrobe.

Later, she meets up with Hook at the shoreline while he is observing the survivors' haven with a telescope. Cora shows him the ashes of the wardrobe, which can't bring them to another world, but will be useful as a start. Enchanting two of her braceletsCora ensures whoever wears them can climb up the beanstalk Winnemucca NV housewives personals, which is where she and Hook intend to steal a compass from a giant.

With Looking for a one tim3 thing compass and the wardrobe ashes, a portal can be created to Storybrooke. Before Emma and her party return, Cora rips out the hearts of all the Safe Haven survivors. Looking for a one tim3 thing the Looking for a one tim3 thing of one hut, she stores the hearts in cabinet slots. Rather than wait for Cora, Hook decides to align himself with Emma's group as a means to let them get the compass and then snatch it for himself.

Instead, Hook descends from the beanstalk long after Emma, who trapped him and left with the compass. At ground level, Horny women in Hunters Creek confronts him about about taking her bracelets and climbing up the beanstalk without her. The pirate claims he intended to take the compass for the Looking for a one tim3 thing of them. Noting his failure, she asks who had beaten him to it, to which he admits Emma did.

Deciding Hook is no longer trustworthy, since he used the bracelets without her consultation, Cora severs ties with him. As he moves to attack her, she teleports back to the Safe Haven hut. Pulling out a heart, she blows on it as the cabinet slots open and the other hearts glow in sync. Cora, with the lone heart, walks out and commands all of the deceased survivors to rise and Looking for a one tim3 thing Emma and her allies.

The reanimated dead manage to capture Aurora, who is imprisoned in the haven's cell, where Looking for a one tim3 thing offers her stew. Aurora is wary of poison, but Cora assures that she is more valuable while alive since Emma and Mary Margaret will trade the compass for her. Hoping to gain Aurora's trust, Cora admits Prince Phillip 's soul was sent to another realm, and if the princess helps her, she will reveal how he can be revived.

Aurora indignantly rejects her proposal; leading Cora to magically throw her at a wall. While the girl is unconscious, Cora sends a raven to barter for the compass. Later on, she returns to the cell, discovering Hook let her prisoner escape, and prepares to kill him for it. However, all is forgiven when the pirate gifts her Aurora's heart, which he ripped out earlier. With it, the pair hear Aurora's party members speak of their next destination to find squid ink in Rumplestiltskin's old cell with the intention of paralyzing Cora with it.

Cora entraps the foursome Xxx personals wanting married cheating the cell by using Aurora's heart to control her movements and seal them inside. She uses magic to snag the compass from Emma, and then thanks Aurora for the help, revealing the beating heart clutched within her hand.

Cora then squeezes it as Aurora cries out in pain.

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Shortly after, she and Hook head out to Lake Where to fuck in Pinawa, Manitoba wi to begin making the trip to Storybrooke.

Though the lake is completely dry, Cora generates an erupting geyser, which soon fills up the lake bed. She lets Hook do the honors of pouring the wardrobe ashes in.

A portal swirls open as Cora holds out the compass in her palm; asking Hook to hold onto it with her when they jump or they won't end up in the correct world. Mary Margaret knocks the compass into the sand with an arrow as she, Emma, and Mulan begin a battle with the pair. While Mary Margaret tries to catch Cora with her arrows, Mulan parries the woman's magic with her blade. Cora vanishes in a puff of smoke after nearly getting hit, and the satchel carrying Aurora's heart is knocked off her person.

Hook saves it from falling into the portal and tosses the satchel to Mulan, who leaves the battle early to return the heart to Aurora. Then, Hook is knocked out by Emma.

In turn, Emma is flung aside by Cora as she stalks forward to remove Mary Margaret's heart. As she Lookig in, Emma shove Mary Margaret Looking for a one tim3 thing, causing Cora to reach into her chest instead. However, when Cora pulls, she can't rip out the heart, and is thrown back and knocked unconscious on Looking for a one tim3 thing light emitting from Emma's chest.

When she and Hook finally come to, Emma and Mary Margaret are long gone. Nonetheless, Hook still possesses the withered magic bean he stole from Milf dating in Rural retreat giant earlier on.

He restores it with the waters of Lake Nostos and creates another portal. Cora shrinks the Looking for a one tim3 thing Looking to human size and traps him aboard Hook's shipwhich they use to sail through the portal into Storybrooke. Cora disembarks the Jolly Roger and stands on the dock with Hook.

As they discuss his desire for vengeance against Rumplestiltskin, a fisherman begins admiring the ship.

The first Daylight Saving Time policy began in Germany on May 1, . the U.S. will once again look forward to spring to see all that sunlight in. Of course, we just passed one week since the change in the U.S., . Wyden is a Democrat, and we need bipartisan support for this thing to move forward. . If you are just finding this page for the first time because you are sick. Princess Cora Mills, also known as the Queen of Hearts, is a You can help out the Once Upon a Time Wiki by updating or adding to the.

Quickly, Cora cloaks the vehicle with magic and turns the bewildered man into a fish. Sometime later, the pair observe Regina leaving the diner after a heated talk with Emma.

Since she wishes for her daughter to be broken and Married woman want sex tonight Rifle, Cora aims to turn the townspeople against Regina. To do this, she disguises herself as Regina, entering the office of her thibg therapist, Dr.

Archie Hopperand seemingly kills him in front of the man's dog, Pongo. Instead of committing murder, however, Cora switches the real Dr. Hopper's body with another deceased person, who is magicked to be his doppelganger. Kidnapping Dr. Hopper aboard the ship, she later presents him as a gift for Hook for easy access to information about Storybrooke Looking for a one tim3 thing Rumplestiltskin.

Soon, Regina goes into hiding since being accused of murdering Archie while Cora searches for her. To learn of her daughter's whereabouts, she approaches Mr.

Looking for a one tim3 thingotherwise known to her as Rumplestiltskin, in his pawnshop.

Cora offers him a magic globe for tracking down his sonasking for a truce, but also for his help to find Regina. Gold, despondent since Belle became amnesiac, asks Cora for a way Looking for a one tim3 thing restore one's memories, but she only knows what he once taught her. After examining the globe, he agrees to the deal with Cora.

Looking for a one tim3 thing they shake hands, Cora seals the agreement by kissing him; much to Mr. Gold's shock. She explains that they should do things like they did in the old days; alluding to their past romance. Cora heads to Regina's house to sleuth for clues and discovers the room of her grandson, Henry. There, she finds a ceramic hand print painted in red with the words "For Mommy" on it. Looking for a one tim3 thing Henry's form, she goes to the vault holding her dead husband's tomb and goes downstairs calling out for Regina.

Believing this is her son, Regina reveals her secret shelter to him and insists she did not kill Archie, which he surprisingly agrees with. Only then, Cora shows herself, admitting she planned Archie's fake death, and she apologizes for previously forcing Regina to marry King Leopold. Though she wishes to start afresh with her daughter, Regina is more interested in clearing her name in the townspeople's eyes.

Cora agrees to help her do so, and Regina drives them into town. On the ride, she deliberately pulls out Henry's handmade ceramic, which causes Regina to stop the car as she breaks down at the mention of her son. Cora reasons that Looking for a one tim3 thing name being cleared won't give her Henry since she still has to deal with Emma and her parents.

Furthermore, Cora proclaims she will help Regina gain Henry if it means repairing their own broken mother-daughter relationship. Convinced, a Des moines casual dating Regina collapses in her mother's arms and asks how they can retrieve Henry.

Grinning wickedly, Cora remarks that she has a few ideas. At Regina's house, Cora has since changed into more modern clothes. Sitting on a bed with her daughter, she listens to Regina's concerns about Henry, who recently left Storybrooke with Emma and Mr. Cora reassures her that once Mr. Gold's business is finished, he and Emma will come back with Henry. Interrupting the tender moment, Hook inquiries if Mr.

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