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Prince of tennis dating sim

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Prince of Tennis Dating Sims. Listening to: Raison D'etre from Umineko 6 Reading: Prince of Tennis Watching: Prince of Tennis Playing: Doubles no Oujisama: Girls, be Gracious Eating: Toast Drinking: Water Iwashimizu!! Prince of tennis dating sim games let you see the off-court personalities of the characters, since the datign and anime focus on mainly Seigaku off-court. Which,by the way, ROCK.

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SO even so I still wanna play the games. Like, so badly. Unfortunately, there aren't that much for DS although more are coming out. As you probably guessed, I downloaded the game online with an emulator and am playing it on the computer. Everything rocks especially the Prince of tennis dating sim that Prince of tennis dating sim can take a gazillion screenshotsexcept for the sound.

THere's a LOT of sound and the computer isn't cut out to play sounds since a DS is specially programmed to take in more sound data I think? It just doesn't run smoothly on my mac So the voices get chopped up sometimes. I got an R4 card though, so it's all good. Oh, and I got another game off the internet: Tennis no Beaver Creek City girls fucking Doubles no Oujisama - Girls, be Gracious!

Doki Doki Gakuensai no Oujisama Chapter 1: Echizen Ryoma, a prince of tennis fanfic | FanFiction

As the name suggests, You and your older brother transfer to Seigaku. There are two versions, Girls be Gracious and Boys be Glorious. In the datlng versions, you play a girl or a boy and in the two versions, like in Pokemon, there are certain characters that are only available in one.

This one focuses more on tennis rather then romance I think Time to play. Prince of tennis dating sim

Add a Comment: Load All Images. Do you know how to play it?? I stuck at 22nd August and I can't continue. If you know please tell me. August 22nd Are you aiming for a particular guy?

What time of day are you at? What was the first day of the game again? It has been So long since I played the game I found another one!

The Prince of The School Festival is a dating game made for the Prince of Tennis franchise. In this game, you are Hirose Shizuka (default name) who is a second. Prince of Tennis has several games. They are played on Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, Playstation, and Playstation 2. Prince of Tennis: Doubles no Oujisama - Girls, be gracious!. Prince of Tennis: Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama is really great news because this one is better than the other game (Doubles no Oujisama) since this one is really focused on romance and there's A LOT of guys to date.

Thank you though. If I may ask, who's your favorite prince of tennis character? Did you really just ask me- Okay, lemme go through the odd characters and Love in melrose Can I pick teams instead?

Hyoutei's amd Rikkaidai's teams.

Prince of Tennis: Dating Sim (56k heavy) - Lemma Soft Forums

Xim Shitenhouji. Although it's easy to find if you just type in "name of game" and "rom" after it. I tried searching it and all i get are people's reviews on it Heres my email if soo "hiya-bunnys hotmail.

I'll also search it too sorry for the bother lol.

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If it's the motto gakuensai one, just type in "motto gakuensai no oujisama Prince of tennis dating sim and there are a lot of links o. Do they have english version?

Prince of tennis dating sim bet not. No, no patches that I could find either and I'm a whizz on google. But here's an alternative: There are some differences as those translations are for the PSP version, but the DS version is pretty much the same with more events. I Swingers dating Cedar Hills the fo one to figure out what the menus are saying.

It's easy enough, just talk to only the guy you want to get, save often so if you choose the wrong option you can restart it. Don't talk to anyone else on the same place cause usually Prince of tennis dating sim get jealous XD. XDD Alright! Say, I downloaded this motto gakuen pot game and it's in a rar file. Do i need to convert it to a zip file or something? Your a pro at google. Can these games play on the pc? Cause I saw some need like the ds to play it. SO i don't over do it please.

Pfft, relax. I'm worse than you when I need answers Umm, since you mentioned PC I'm assuming you're using windows In that case, you need some kind of unarchiving program, like Winrar. If you have it just clicking on the file should cause that program to pop up and unarchive the file for you. If you use winrar, there'll be some stuff on how you need to delete it after a certain amount of time. As for the game, if you have an R4 card 19f for girls only can transfer the game onto there, you won't be datin to take screenshots but the sound quality is MUCH better.

Like I said on Princf journal, place frame skips onto 2 if sound lags.

The sound will still lag, but not as badly. As for playing on the computer, you'll need a DS emulator. Just type in "Download ds emulator windows" or whatever system you use. I only have a mac Prince of tennis dating sim, so I use desmune. Wait, can you play it on a pc or have to burn it on to something to play it on a system?

Prev Next. More from Sonia-Road Moved accounts This one's dead now except for watches and whatnot.

Prince of tennis dating sim

Will check sporadically but if you're my friend on here then I have your Skype so Prince of tennis dating sim Fire Emblem Awakening. Not only do you get to pair up all the adults and recruit their kids, you get the pair the kids up too. This This is ugly imo But I want this so bad huffff Look at that sexy Marduk It knows what it's doing Now I just have to pray very very very very hard that it gets localized Adult searching sex dating Boise a PSP version comes out.

They can take their Prince of tennis dating sim though; I'm still a long ways off from finishing GE Burst. DMMd - is up and workinggggg: Quick Absence Hi. First of all, apologies to anyone who's awaiting an rp reply from me - that's gonna have to wait some more. Packing Prince of tennis dating sim hell and mom is mad.

Moving into university, I'll need some time to settle down and connect to the net again laptop has issues with other people's net. Tablet has been packed away and probably won't come out until a week isn - maybe a bit less. Not gonna be aroud here for the next 3 days for sure.

To quote my friend, who found this in the comments somewhere: I'm going to my top university. View Gallery. Bun species: GIRLS, plants, stuffed animals, coffee, sweets, sleeping, rain, knives??? Outline color if wanted: Extra s: